Worlds No.1 Anti-Terrorist Agency : NIA (National Investigation Agency)

National Investigation Agency

NIA (National Investigation Agency)

As everyone know NIA is the National Investigation Agency. A special troop of police and investigation officers who work against terrorism in the country. This agency was first formed under the congress government.

In 2008 there was a massive terror attack in Mumbai. when the congress government and police department failed in stopping them as they have no idea how these terrorists entered our country.2008 mumbai attack taj hotel

There was a huge protest by citizens of India demanding an explanation of the failure of the police department as well as the congress govt.

This was the raise of NIA, the National Investigation Agency. Congress govt thought of having a very powerful police wing which can track only on terrorism and related activities and have every power to eradicate terrorism. NIA has extreme powers at both central and state levels.

NIA can arrest anyone without any warrant

They work 24 hours 365 days undercover. They have informers all over India. NIA emerged as the number one law enforcement agency with a success percentage of 95%.
When we look at the graph from 1994 to 2008 the victims of terrorism are in thousands. But now the number descended to 100’s and even 10’s. This is only because of NIA.

Starting from ISIS NIA totally dissolved many terrorist organizational activities in India from 2008.
The officers in NIA will be continuously tracking the Social media accounts, Passports of the sleeper cells in India timely.
Even they know who are the sleeper cells working for Pakistan or any other terrorist organization, they do not arrest them.
Actual they wait for the right time to catch them doing an operation which helps them in
arresting the main leads of the terrorist organizations.



Many of the NIA officers are recruited by the deputation from CRPF, CISF paramilitary forces. But, now NIA recruitment started with direct recruitment. But, this is just a nominal job in NIA.
The main heads an officers are still appointed by the deputation from CISF, CRPF or other state Paramilitary forces.

NIA army force

Not only the lives of NIA officers But Even the lives of their families are also always at risk.
We the citizens might not recognize an NIA officer even he is behind us but the terrorist organizations and the investigation agencies of other Nations will always have an eye on the NIA officers and their families.

They are risking their lives every moment and letting us live in peace.



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