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The Entanglement Of Brains

Hi, Guys, most of the people who are reading this article must be familiar with Marvel movies where they constantly stress about words like quantum physics, quantum entanglement, Quantum scale, etc. 

You might be wondering what are those quantum things or do they really exist or they are creating a new word by simply adding the word quantum to every normal word to make it sound more sci-fi.
Entanglement Of Brains

Some of them are real concepts of physics that are not a part of quantum mechanics (also called quantum physics) which tells about nature’s smallest particles where the theories of classical physics don’t seem to work or have any effect on them Which is strange right. Okay, enough of this quantum physics. There are many nerds who already explained that stuff on YouTube with nice animations more descriptive narration than me.

So not only atoms in quantum scale exhibit entanglement properties. Like for instance, Sometimes you and your friend during brainstorming sessions thing exactly the same thing and say looking into each other are you thinking exactly.

  • what I am thinking and say it out loud in sync about the same thing the thought (Most of the time it is the same if not that means your friend cheated on you by having another best friend).Entanglement of Brains
  • You might think this as a sign of coincidence. Well, I have a strange explanation to it by combining quantum physics with the processing of information in our mind-consciousness that can be shared between two brains via entanglement between two brains.
  • That’s is the reason why people share thoughts and ideas without actually communicating with each other. The brain processes and transfers information through synapses which is actually an electrical chemical signal transferred between two neurons.
  • The phases of the synapses will be in sync with others synapses to work collectively this helps us understand how the responses from different senses combine collectively to create a single memory. If the phase-locking with the same frequency occurs inside another brain of your friend then you are gonna share the same thought.This frequently occurs with your loved ones. I am not here to mock you about not having your loved one. In other cases, it might also be your best friend. That’s the reason why people who share connections can understand and communicate without actually communicating.

Isn’t it wonderful how our brain works? 

Entanglement Of Brains internal

Another example is from the Tollywood movie “Hello Brother” were the brothers who are twins both portrayed Akkineni Nagarjuna could mimic other actions if they are close to each other.

I am not here to write about the science behind movies which doesn’t make sense. That’s not my job. But what I am telling is that it is partially true as the two brothers may share a connection between their brains as an entanglement of particles. May also occur if they are created at the same time in the same exact conditions.
Entanglement is partly the reason for having shared dreams between two persons or two strangers who haven’t met actually but you may keep seeing them in your dreams.

Most of the time its actually a person you are seeing in your dreams than some Were imagination your imaginary girlfriend. The probability of you coming across that imaginary person is very less and conforming about that dream you had about her is very less.

The scientists are trying to research this topic to prove this theory.

why or how these kinds of phenomena occur?

Entanglement Of Brains black and white

Like how frequently it occurs and the randomness of these events. There is a lot of research to go to prove the consciousness of minds outside of the body and shared experiences between individuals. If we know how and why this is happening people can communicate and plant information inside others without the use of any other external applications like phones throughout the universe without any translation, interpretation misunderstandings.

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