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Many people are going to face Infosys interviews in the coming days. So, we are proving you complete interview resources in this article


Good morning sir!
I am very glad to introduce myself to you sir.
I am ( your name)
I am born and raised in (city name)
(ikkada me vuru kosam matter prepare avvandi endukante me vuru special enti ani adagavachhu.. Madhi srikakulam danikosam nen prepare chesukunnadhi.. I am born and raised in Srikakulam. Which is the land of great scientific innovations. This proves the greatest civil engineering technology that is used in the construction of the sun god temple, located in Arasavalli. As well as this is the land of peace and sacrifice which is proved by the archeology department.
Salihundam and danthavarapu kota were the lands of Buddhist monks…. Etc)
Right now I am pursing B.Sc in computers as  a a mainstream, in ( your college name, Akkad meru degree lo eam nerchukunnaro cheppandi like stage fear pogottukunna.. )
I did my schooling and intermediate in (city name, meru eam nerchukunnaro cheppali like leadership skills ala eamina.. Ila meru eam nerchukunnaro cheppakunda me studies ekkada complete chesaro cheppatam waste.)
I never ever want to waste my time that proves my additional credentials where I got from (Institute name, meru eamina courses cheste ila cheppandi)
There are so many things to mention about myself as I am active, enthusiastic and thirst of knowledge person. (Ila qualities cheptu daniki samardhisthu meru chesinavi cheppali aa qualities meku vunnayi ani nammela indulone hobbies cover cheseyandi)
I scored more than 80% in all my academics which proves I was sincere in my studies as well as I got so many awards and certifications in school and college levels (meku idhi suitable ithene cheppandi)
I have a beautiful family of 4 members.
My father is a (occupation) which is very difficult to make more money only depends upon the source. I still remember everyday he used to teach me the value of one rupee. How it leads the happier or Cursefull life. He gives very respect to each and every moment of life.
I personally learn from him if you  spend an hour time  on our goal we can achieve something in it. In the same way if we spend that time for unusual or unprofitable things we may miss something. Because of my father’s profession, there is a chance to me to develop my personality well. In my entire life, he is my great inspiration. He is my guide. The things what I have learnt  from my father might be helpful to me to enhance my professional skills which are excellently fit for your organization.
My mother is a housewife who is a close friend to me where is a chance to share all my personal things. She was really great moral support to me. Whenever I lost something in my life whether it is academically or something beyond that my mother helped me from overcoming it. When my father cursed me my mother is always a cure to me.
I have a sister who is very good at academics compare to me whenever she brought progress reports to my home that day was a difficult day in my life. She always motivated me to enhance my skills somewhat better to identify myself in my family initially. I declared whenever my sister gave me a difficult challenge that molded my mind to the first place in every aspect of academics. So, In this way, a competition initially starts from my home to school, college to society.
My short-term goal is to get a job in a reputed company like yours. Where I can prove my skills and improve my knowledge.
My long-term goal is to be in a respectable position where I work.
ila as it is ga cheppamani anatam ledu.. Idhe correct ani kuda cheppatam ledu.. Just sharing this… It may helpful for freshers.. Anni points cheppakkarledu time ni batti interviewer questions batti cheppand.. Me family kosam kaani me vuru kosam kaani adigithe indulo points cheppochhu



Here are some frequently asked C language questions for freshers:

  1. Difference between declaration & definition of function
  2. Features of C language
  3. Different storage class specifiers in C
  4. Difference between local variable & global variable
  5. What are variables in C
  6. Use of static variable
  7. Uses of pointers
  8. What is recursion
  9. Local static variables? What is their use?
  10. Array? Explain Array
  11. Differences b/w array & pointer?
  12. Define the OOPS concept.
  13. malloc() vs calloc()
  14. Define pointer on pointer
  15. Define NULL pointer
  16. Define structure
  17. Difference between far and near pointer
  18. Operator in C
  19. Bitwise operator
  20. Difference between class and object

The tip here: If the interviewer wants to conduct an interview through VIVA format, he mostly asks you about differences. For example differences between array and pointer, differences between C and JAVA, Different variables in C, etc.,

Must read concepts: (Never Miss these)

  • Pointers
  • Arrays and Strings
  • Structures
  • Data Structures
  • Functions, Operators 

Most Predicted Programs to be answered:

  1. Fibonacci Series
  2. Prime numbers
  3. Palindrome
  4. Factorials
  5. Armstrong
  6. Sum of the digits
  7. Swap two numbers
  8. Matrix multiplication
  9. Alphabet triangle
  10. Write an example program for Pointers
  11. Example program for Arrays
  12. Example program for structures
  13. Bubble sort
  14. Convert an array into a zig-zag

Most asked JAVA interview questions for freshers:

  1. What do you mean by Object & Class?
  2. Explain OOPS concepts
  3. What are the OOPS concepts
  4. Explain Inheritance
  5. Explain Normalization
  6. Explain Encapsulation
  7. Explain Polymorphism
  8. Explain Static Method and Static variable
  9. Explain Method overloading and Method overriding
  10. Explain Data Encapsulation
  11. What are collection frameworks?
  12. Explain the FINAL keyword
  13. Explain Multi threading
  14. Explain Array, String

Most asked PYTHON interview questions for freshers:

  1. What is a List
  2. What is a Tuple
  3. What is a dictionary
  4. Explain Modules and Packages in Python
  5. What is OOPS concept
  6. Explain various OOPS concepts
  7. Explain Inheritance
  8. Explain Normalization
  9. Explain Encapsulation
  10. Explain Polymorphism
  11. How many keywords are there in Python
  12. Common built-in Data Types in Python
  13. Difference between PYTHON/JAVA
  14. Which is faster JAVA or Python
  15. What is break, continue and Pass in Python
  16. What is slicing in Python
  17. Explain about decorators in python

Tips: If you don’t know the question that the interviewer asked you to solve humbly just tell him. Don’t bluff and waste his time. He may reject you for this reason. If you know the program but forgot the logic, just say him and if he allows, start writing confidently. 


Here are the Top 15 HR Interview Questions with Answers:

1. Why should we hire you?

Because of I am flexible and amiable. I don’t have any experience because of I am a fresher so I need a platform where I can show my ability and I want to explore my knowledge.
As I am fresher and eager to work with my full enthusiasm at our industry and my practical approach with my theoretical knowledge will help you growth in your industry with my 100%. I also never give up till it’s not done. That’s the reason you should hire me.
As I am a fresher, I don’t have any working experience. So you can mold me like a clay to work for any position in your company, and can also learn many new things. If you hire me, I assure you that I will work hard for your company and I will never let you down and your company as well.
Sir, as I am a fresher, I need a platform to start my career. In addition to this, I have some some technical knowledge and lot of potential in me as well, that would help me to sustain in your organization. I will put all my efforts for the good progress of this organization. Being sincere and punctual, I can finish the work given to me on time and will surely try my best to fulfill all the needs for this company.
Sir/madam Today Companies need some basic qualities in employee like dedication, hardworking and stable and I assure you I would work hard with full dedication and will be stable in your company. As a fresher after my graduation I would get a wonderful platform to enhance my skills.
I assure you if you give me the opportunity to work in your department I would give my best to the organization and will come up with all the expectation which you will require from me, and I assure you that I will never let you down and your company as well.


As a fresher I need a platform to start my career. I have gone through your companies profile and learnt that your company encour ages fresh talent and provides good work culture. By joining your com pany I get a good chance to work with skilled people which will help me to improve my practical knowledge.
I have good knowledge in C, Java etc. the skill set which matches your company’s requirement. If given a chance I would utilize my skills for company’s growth
I believe that this industry offers me a great opportunity to explore my potential, where I can utilize my knowledge, skill and experience for the growth of the company and also my career.
Sir, I want to work in a reputed company like yours where I can improve my skills and it will be great honored to work with your com pany by which I can explore my knowledge and my career.
Everyone wants to join in a reputed company like yours and I will be honored if you give me that opportunity where I will be with skilled people so that I can test my knowledge and also improve my skill.
Your company is reputed and a world class company. It is a great privilege for anyone to work at your company and I’m very interested and love to working at the organization. I would be proud working at a company with such a global benefit and have an exceptional service industry. I would love to work for the organization that has a high quality of customer service management. I think this would help me to grow my skills and knowledge towards working environment. And I’m confident that this company would help me to achieve the respected career I dreamed and helps me to accomplish my long term goals
Sir, as a fresher I have no any experience. Your company is pro vide a good and skillful environment through which I can explore my knowledge and steer my career in a right way. It will provide a good platform to boost my career.
Sir, As a fresher I don’t have any work experience. Your company always encourages the fresh talent. I thought this is the right platform for me to excel my skills. It’s always honor to work in a reputed company like you.


My short term goal is to get a job in a reputed company like yours and my long term goal is to become in a respectable position in that organization
My showtime goal is get a job in your company my long time goal is good position in your company and financially support to my family
My ultimate goal is to create my own identity such that there will be no need of my introduction. For achieving this my short term goal is to give 100% dedication in my work and increase my knowledge level as high as possible
My goal is to take myself as top as I can, towards the success in my work.
I have learned that long-term goals are best achieved when I break them into shorter goals. My short-term goal is to find a position that will put me in a forward-moving company with solid performance and fu ture projections. As part of a team, I want to add value and continue to grow the company
My short term goal is to crack the interview session & to be a part of your organisation. Long term goal is when company will achieve more & more success then I should be responsible one of them
My short term goals is to get respectable position like yours. And my long term goal’s is when company will achieve more and more success, then I’m should be responsible one of them.


I survived my four years in Engineering that makes me habitual of working under-pressure. It’s not a big deal for me completing task within short intervals every new task is challenge for me.
As I am a fresher, I have no work experience in any situations. But I will put 100% effort in every situation. At same time under pressure condition we have to use our inner talents also.
Yes Sir, I can work under pressure and I feel its the peak time when I can show my skills, dedication and hard work.
Yes Sir, I can work under pressure. Because pressure is a part of job and life. I think it’s help to improve my ability and skills. But it doesn’t mean that we are always work under pressure.
Yes Sir, I can work under pressure. The hidden quality of a person comes forward only when they work under pressure. So it will defi nitely boosts my confidence and ability to work in any situation.
Yes Sir, I can do work under pressure actually I like to face differ ent type of situation. Because it teaches me many things under pres sure I have an extra energy which boost up me.
Yes Sir, I can work under pressure. It is the only time where my ability to perform, my accuracy and skills will be tested to its potential
Yes Sir I can definitely work under pressure because this is the time when the ability of a person is judged. During pressure I often produce better results than expected because I am a person who is calm and can transform such situation.
Thank you.
Yes Sir, I can work under pressure it’s a part of job. I think it’s helps to improve my ability and skills.
Little bit pressure is important because it gives up boost to work but all the time pressure can reduce the accuracy and effectiveness of the work.

5. How do you feel about working in Night Shifts?

Firstly I’m fresher and I have to learn more and your organization is best platform to start my career so no matter whether it is working nights or weekends. When company needs me at any time or any situation I will be there
As a fresher I would think working at Weekends and nights as a additional opportunity to get proficiency in my field as soon as possible. So that I would really helpful to the organization in a better way in a short period of time
Honestly speaking. I would prefer to spend time with my family in weekends. I would complete the work on time so that there would be no need for me to work on weekends or nights. But if the company needs me I would always be there to serve my company at any time.
As a fresher I would think working at weekends and nights as a additional opportunity to get proficiency in my field as soon as possible. So that I would really helpful to the organization in a better way in a short period of time.

6. Are you willing to relocate?

Yes Sir I am always ready to relocate because it would learn new things as I want to build my career as well as my knowledge along with the interacting new people and new culture.
Yes Sir I want to relocate. Due to this relocating we learn many things like cultures, languages, attitude of different people. Its a best option
Yes Sir, I will definitely like to relocate if my job offers me. As it helps us to learn and work with different environment. I believe that interacting with new people and adjusting will reveal our dedication and capability towards work and helps us to know many things. So I would like to relocate.
Yes, It is a good opportunity and I can adjust any environment and learn new things to interact with new people also culture,
Yes Sir, I am ready to relocate as relocating will help me learning new things, knowing new culture, new languages and most important it will help in getting adapted to any situation changes for good must be there in everyone’s life.
Yes Sir. I definitely like to relocate because it gives me a chance to interact with the new people, new culture, new language which provide  a new challenge or a new difficulty level for me, and everyone know more difficult situation you handle more you grow.
Relocation is not a issue for me. Am ready to relocate any place throughout the city. As a employee our focus should be on work always irrespective of location. And as a fresher relocation is very helpful be cause when we travel from one to other places we need to work with different kinds of people in different environment also we learn many things from the situation we have faced.
love travelling & I love exploring new places so that I can meet 1 new people, learn new culture & new language. I love experiencing all kind of these things. Since I’m adaptive, I don’t find relocating as problem at any cause


Quick learner.
Self motivated
I have the ability to work in team as well as individually.
I have good communication and excellent documentations and
reportify skills.
I am adaptable in any kind of environment
I am a quick learner from my mistakes and willing to be im proved from those mistakes.
I try to balance success and failures in a balanced manner and I’m optimistic, I never lose hope. Eagerness to learn new technologies.
I am a bit traditional in my approach.
Can’t wait for any Thing, feeling like totally wasting of time.
I sometimes feel hard to say no to people.
If anybody ask for help I never say no.
My weakness is when I involve in any work I try to finish it as soon as possible and I do not care about my time. If anyone ask me to help I never negate them.
I can’t eat and sleep if I don’t finish my duties.
I will see for the 100% perfection, at sometimes it results in delay of work in time.
I don’t feel comfortable until I complete my work.
I try to finish two tasks at the same time.
Veetilo meeku nachhina weakness and strengths cheppandi anni cheppoddu ❤
meru veetilo eamina cheptunnapudu real-time examples add chesi cheppandi.. Like meru hardworking and time balance cheyagalanu ani chepte.. Nen degree chaduvutunnapudu evening home tutions cheppevadni… At a time na studies kuda balance chesa ani cheppochhu.. (It’s my suggestion ❤)
Note:- mem just suggest chestunnam.. Ilane cheppali ani anatam ledu.. Thelsina vallaki elano parledu.. Freshers ki eam idea vundadhu.. Vallakosam just ila cheppochhu ani cheptunnam.. Ilane cheppandi ani anatam ledu


Sir, as I am fresher, I don’t have any idea, but I can trust you and confidently say that you will give me a salary as per my performance and industry standard and what I deserve.
Sir, I am fresher, salary is not first priority for me. This is a big platform to start my career. So I also want to improve my knowledge and skills and gain experience.
Sir, l’am a fresher and getting placed into a company like yours is itself an achievement for me. Salary to be payed to the employee de pends upon the company’s policy, I always honor and respect the deci sions made by the company.
Sir, as a fresher my first preference is to build my CV than to look for money. So I would be completely fine with the salary for fresher’s as per your company’s HR policy.
Sir, money is important to me but what is more important is to gain knowledge, skills and experience. So, as a fresher I think I should be paid for what I deserve according to the qualifications and knowledge I have.

9. What is difference between confidence and over confidence?

Confidence means I am suitable for this position but over confidence means I only
suitable for this position.
  Facing a challenge understanding the risks and our own potential to take the risk
and accomplish the task is confidence. Facing the risk without understanding the
consequences and not gauging our potential which may not give the desired end result
is over confidence.
  According to me “confidence” is something that can put you out of any trouble and
“over confidence” can put you in trouble.
  I think there is a big line between confidence and overconfidence. For example,
today, I am here beside you for the interview. yes, I’m nervous, I afraid to give a
wrong answer, Although I am very well prepared me for this day, Am not sure that
I will be hired or not for this position, But I remain hopeful because I need this
job. This is confidence.
  Overconfidence means, Am not supposed to be there for a interview,You have my CV,
it is enough for you to know that am the man for you,because you need me for this job.
  Suppose I wrote exam very well. If someone asks me how the exam was them if I
say I will get 90% for dure. Its confidence because you know how you wrote. But if I
say I will top in the class or college. Then its over confidence because I don’t know
how the rest of the college wrote the exam. May be some one in the class is better
student than me.
 “I will be placed in your company” is confidence. While “I am  the only one
who will be placed in your company” is overconfidence.
  Confidence means how much confident you are in answering the questions and at
same time you are confident enough to accept that you don’t know a lot many things.
  Overconfidence means you that you know a lot but at the same time you are not
at all trying to admit that you don’t know about any topic which you have been asked about.


Hard work means more input less output. Smart work means less
input more output
Hard work: Physical work without brain work.
Smart work: Brain work with physical work.
Hard work Straight way to reach the goal. It needs like more
efforts, energy, timing etc.
Smart work : Short cut way to reach the goal. It needs perfect planning and less effort, energy, timing etc.
For the interview, a person studying all technical and non technical side questions is hard work and a person studying only interview based questions is smart work.
In order to get a job we must put our hard work, but to survive there we must require smart work.
Hard work is putting your maximum into your job, while smart work is doing your job in most efficient manner.
Hard work means doing work constantly but smart work means doing work constantly but with proper planning!
We can say that Smart work is the last step and hard work is the first step towards success. But it is sure that nobody can reach at the last step without putting first step. So for smart work we need to do some hard work first.
I think hard work gives experience & smart work needs experience. Clearly we should do hard work for experience & than use that experience to do smart work.
When we apply our full strength and performance for a long time to achieve success, it is called hard work but when we reduce our time by doing logical smart thinking with our brain achieving the same goal, its called smart work.


I get angry when I fail at something, nobody is perfect but I accept my mistakes/failure and try to correct it and try to learn from my past experience
Generally, I do not get angry as I am a cool and calm person. But sometimes when others put me in bad light, I get anger as a natural emotion. I’ve learnt to control anger in such situations too.
Anger is a human emotion. Generally I don’t get angry too much. I control it to an extent. But I get angry when some people humiliates other people.
If some one disturb me when I do work that time I feel angry I don’t compromise with my work that’s why I feel angry.
I am a positive thinker, normally I won’t get angry about any one for simple things. But if any one talk bad about me I can’t control my self, there just I will watch their face and I leave that place, because the words and Actions in Anger may destruct your relation with them.
Angry is a kind of natural emotion. It all depends on how you carry and control your emotions in every situation.


Sir my creativity is that I try to solve every problem in every posi tion by using my mind, experience and intelligence and I also try to give answer of any question in well way like here I am trying to give answer of all questions this is also example of my creativity.
Creativity is doing normal day life activity in some different way to make use of the available resource. I personally done some creative thing like
1. Using debit card for drawing lines.
2. Using old cold drink bottles as pot for plants.
3. Using bulb for drawing engaged sheets during my college days. 4. Cooking food mixing 2-3 cuisines (sadly Maggie is banned).
5. Having altered rules of cricket ground for ease of playing. Creativity is just using common sense more commonly.
Truth of life, if a man can do all thing and create new things with his idea’s but he had no degree or certificate is known as creativity.
Creativity is nothing but seeing things in a different way. The same will be seen by you in one way and your friend in a different way. So, it all lies in the way you see it. If a thing is seen by all in same (or) similar way and if you see it slightly in a different way you call it as creativity.
Creativity is nothing but doing ordinary things in a extra-ordinary way. If you have creativity, then there is no requirement of any degree or certificate because some pieces of paper doesn’t define your life and skills also.
To be precise creativity is doing ordinary things in extraordinary
Creativity is that we create new things different from others with help of our mind
Creativity is nothing but creating a situation from the existing one. So am interested in maths subject so when sir will explain one of the methods to solve the problem then I will try all the other methods to obtain the solution easily.

13. Being a Non-IT student, Why did you choose IT?

  • Software is the way the future seems to be going, with everything in our lives slowly shifting to the e-platform.


  • Since the beginning of my graduation I developed my liking for IT and with time this inclination became stronger and today I have the chance to pursue my interest as my job , and that is why I want to join IT industry.


During admission I didn’t get the opportunity to take up computer during subject choice so you went and took up mechanical/EE/ECE but my passion lied with computers. To prove this I have done various projects.


When hardware hits software that’s innovation, precisely what I am trying to do.


I was from electronics so I said that irrespective of the branch I have always been interested in coding. Subjects like DIP (digital image processing) have helped me gain understanding of coding (MATLAB)

Plus every branch is taught C and in some case C++

14. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I am still in the learning phase. But over the next few years, I would focus more on improving my skills, both on technological and leadership fronts and 5 years down the line, I would like to see myself in a position to propagate great innovative ideas and lead my team towards such ideas.


In 5 years from now, I see myself as an knowledgeable and respected person in my company and I have an in-depth knowledge of the industry and the domain.


In 5 years, I develop my knowledge in that career and achieve the target. Performing the daily task correctly. I truly believe is an approach to training will allow me to learn new skills and grow within this position.


As a fresher, I look forward to learning new things and improving my knowledge. In five years I see myself as a responsible professional with great knowledge for the growth of the organization.

15. Do you have any questions for me?

How do you feel working with XXXX company?


How is the work life balance?


What are the new trending technologies that the company is working on?


What is driving the company towards the top position among all other Tech giants?


These are the most commonly and repetitively asked Interview Questions for a fresher. Hope you will make a note of it and get success in your interviews.



Here are the top 15 recently asked programs in various interviews like TCS, INFOSYS, WIPRO, ACCENTURE & other service-based companies:

  • Program to check number is prime or not
  • Fibonacci series using recursion
  • Factorial Program
  • Palindrome or not
  • Printing patterns
  • Program to find the sum of the digits in a number
  • Program to find given year is leap year or not
  • Armstrong number or not
  • Program to check number is strong or not
  • Program to print given number is responsive or not
  • Swapping of 2 numbers without using 3rd variable
  • Program to find a number is Automorphic or not
  • Program to check the number is perfect or not
  • Harshad number program
  • Abundant number program

Solutions of these programs can be got by using any programming language like C/JAVA or Python


For Project related questions & Answers: CLICK HERE




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