Email Template To Reach HR’s


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Hello {name},

My name is {your name} and I am writing to introduce myself and ask for small help. I am currently seeking a new opportunity in {skill} and {skill}. As of right now, I work for {current company} as a {position}, however, I am interested in applying for the open position at your company {position}, link: {link from career portal}. I think I could offer this organization {passionate phrase personalized for this job}.

I am also attaching my resume for your reference.

Lastly, I know your time is valuable and I know this is a big ask coming from a stranger. If it’s too much right now, that’s totally fine! Either way, hope you’re staying safe and healthy.

{your name}
{phone number, email}
{links to LinkedIn (if not sending over LinkedIn), GitHub, LeetCode, CodeForces, CodeChef}

The subject should be informative and appealing. It can range from:
“Very interested in working at Meta, kindly refer”
“Cold email from a random LinkedIn follower, who wants to be a colleague at Microsoft”