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Uranium Mining in Telugu States

Uranium Miningthe rumors around the deforestation of Nalamala not yet settled completely..again we have been recently witnessed a huge loss occurring to nature especially to agriculture and water..due to carelessness in maintaining the Uranium waste by UCIL ( Uranium Corporation of India Ltd)…

This corporation had given permission for Uranium mining in M.Thumapalle belongs to Kadapa dist..with certain conditions regard to waste management and environment conservation..but it was stated by the locals that the company is not up to the mark with regard to this and it’s causing huge damage to them…


According to the prescribing conditions the company has to do the following for waste disposal

  1. The disposed waste that evolved during the processing of Mining has to be segregated in a pond. The pond has to be arranged in such a way that the groundwater is not supposed to be polluted…
  2. The waste has to be purified and the clean water evolved from that has to be used for factory purposes
  3. Other elements evolved from purification has to be pumped back in such pond…
  4. The pond has to be construed with 500mms of Bentonite, then 250 microns of Polyethylene and with 250 mms of sand...
  5. The polyethylene is not fixed in that lining…the UCIL says they made everything according to standards of Nuclear Power Corporation.
  6. In spite of many warnings from state was said that such a corporation made a deaf ear with regard to this issue…with that the people in that area are paying.
  7. With that Uranium extracts mixing in the water, the Crops are not being up to the mark and water even becomes unsuitable for drinking.



Uranium extracts are more in this region..this has larger amounts than another region in India…India’s dream of being a nuclear power is possible with the help of uranium..yes this is correct..but not to the extent of environmental degradation.


Measurements have to be taken to set the situation properly in every possible way by the ongoing central and state the issue is highlighted now with the work of certain environmentalists, public representative and with a print media….we believe a solution too can be drawn soon.

Jai Hind





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