Unknown Facts And Biography Of Sir Mokshagundam Viseswaraya


Engineers are the Growth engines to the country and to mankind…any invention that is before us and making our life easier and better is not just an invention it is a consolidation of “efforts, hard work, skills, ideology, and passion of engineers ” towards that. and the godfather of such engineering is Mokshagundam Viseswaraya Garu. he is ideal for all engineers across the world. His birthday 15th September is celebrating as Engineers day. in this occasion let’s know something about him.

Mokshagundam Viseswaraya Biography

All you have to Know about M.Vishweshwarayya Garu

  1. He born on 15th September 1861 in Mudannanhali, Karnataka
  2. His parents are Srinivasa Sastry and Venkata Lakshmana Garu
  3. Even though he born at Karnataka State..the traces of his family were found in Mokshagundam in Prakasam dist Andhra Pradesh.
  4. He completed his civil engineering in College of Science Pune
  5. At first, worked as Asst. Engineer in 1884 under Bombay govt under public service dept
  6. For around 70 years he provided his civil engineering services to the nation in many ways.
  7. The construction of water management systems is his Interesting area. He designed many Water supply systems, Drainage systems, Drinking water systems across many areas within and outside of the country.
  8. His works can’t be forgotten by the nation especially by Hyderabad and Mysore residents.
  9. In 1908 from the request of Nizam Nawab he designed Drainage and Drinking water systems, which permanently solved the Flood issues of Hyderabad.
  10. His constructions like Mysore soap factory, Krishna Raja Sagar dam, Mysore iron and steelworks made him “father of Mysore”
  11. With his work as Mysore Diwan from 1912 to 1918 educational institutions were increased from 4,570 to 11,295...
  12. Ghat road plan from Tirupati to Tirumala is designed by him.
  13. He was awarded as ” Knight commander of the order of the Indian Empire” and “Sir” and as Bharath Ratna ( in the year 1955) and many doctorates.

Mokshagundam Viseswaraya

Just because the pursuers of that degree is high,
the glory and essence of such work cannot be ignored.
All it needed is to be updated with the current requirements and understanding of the real potential of students with this the lost glory of the course can be brought back and ultimately this fastens the country’s growth and development.