Bhagat Singh VS Gandhi : A Clash of Ideologies


Everyone who knows about the Indian Freedom moment will be aware of this that Bhagath Singh has a clash with Gandhiji.

Even we heard many of our elders saying that Bhagath Singh would have been alive if Gandhi spoke with the British officers about his Death Sentence.


It was then when Bhagath Singh was at his young age around 14. He was very active in participating in the Independence movement which was lead by Gandhi, Nehru from the Congress Party.

Gandhiji declared a fight on Britishers with the “NON – COOPERATION” movement where the Indians working in British factories, Government Jobs and any sort of work has to quit from their jobs. Entire India was actively participating in it and Bhagath was very happy about this.

But after a few days, Gandhiji had talks with the British government and stopped the Non-Cooperation movement. That was the first time when Bhagath felt bad and annoying regarding Gandhiji’s stand on the Indian Independence movement.

When Bhagat Singh was at his teenage, especially, the Sikh community and Sikh leaders thought that Gandhiji and the Congress Party does the freedom struggle to gain political mileage.

Bhagat and his guru Chandra Sekhar Azad thought that Gandhi’s way of freedom struggle wouldn’t achieve the independence they required. So, they chose a violence path for fighting against the British.

And the one main reason why Bhagat Singh completely got away from Gandhi’s ideology is Bhagat Singh wants a complete Independent India. While Gandhi gave a nod to divide India into provinces just like Jammu, Ladak which were left as independent bodies even though they are in India.

Later, Bhagat and his troops attacked the Central Parliament with a bomb and got Jailed for many years. Finally, when Bhagat, Sukh Dev, and Raj Guru were death sentenced, entire India wants Gandhi to talk with the British Government and reduce his death sentence to imprisonment.

The reason was Gandhi and the Congress party has a friendly relationship with the British government. But for some of the reasons Gandhi didn’t have talks with the British government and Bhagat Singh have sacrificed his life fighting for the Motherland in the year 1923.