Link Between Hot Weather and Corona Virus : Various Studies

Link Between Hot Weather and Corona Virus

Before Going into the Discussion let us know the Update of
Corona Virus in the World

Total infected persons 3,00,000. Total deaths nearing 16000. The good news is till now there are around 1,00,000 people got recovered and discharged from hospitals. Every state is under lock down. Recently a positive case registered in North East states as well. Now we will go into the topic under discussion.

Corona Virus various Studies

Does Corona Virus Gets Killed in Hot Climate?

Recently study in Maine University mapping Covid 19 said that the virus created Havoc in where the temperatures are between 5 to 11-degree Celsius temperature. For example, Italy, Spain, China, S.Korea the average temperature is between 5 to 11 degrees Celsius.  Meanwhile, in the countries where the temperatures are above 19 degrees Celsius the cases are less. But this does not mean that there will be no impact in these Hot and Humid temperatures. Here is the Study of different Universities which released journals on this topic.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Chinese Researchers study:

A Journal released by MIT states that, in the Southern Hemisphere countries where the temperatures are above 19 degrees, the impact will be less but the transmission cannot be stopped. Dr.Bukhani of MIT said that “WARMER TEMPERATURES MAY MAKE THIS VIRUS LESS EFFECTIVE, BUT THE TRANSMISSION CAN’T BE STOPPED”. In a journal by Chinese researchers naming “High Temperatures and High Humidity Reduce the Transmission of COVID-19” states the same as MIT.




As of now as there is no vaccine there is no end card. But we can put a temporary end for this through home quarantine. India’s situation at this stage is far better than in many developed countries. But, if this situation exceeds the threshold we can’t bear such a disaster. Keeping in mind the above studies climate is helping us but, we need to do our part very efficiently at this moment that is, being in self-quarantine. Educate and create awareness in people around you. 98% of the registered cases in India are for those who had travel history and their family members. But we can stop this situation only by being contactless with human beings.

According to some health experts, this situation may exist up to June. We should completely restrict the virus by August that is the Winter season where the temperatures gradually fall down and give an advantage for the expansion of the virus. So, please stay at home, cut the chain and avoid transmission.


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