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The government has been warning the people to stay at home after announcing complete lock down till March April 14. But still, people aren’t taking it that seriously. What is the second week of fear that is making the government go panic? It is because of the worldwide statistics that say that the virus emerges as a disaster in the 2nd week. Let me show you some statistics that prove the above statement.

Technically, we are in the third week as the first case was identified in the 1st week of March. But calculating the dates we are at the end of the second week.

Italy experienced 152 positive cases in the 2nd week.

Iran experienced 43 positive cases in the 2nd week.

The USA experienced 64 positive cases in the 2nd week.

Whereas, we lucky Indians just experienced 24 in the 2nd week despite huge population. By the time we publish this the positive cases may have reached 500. Italy couldn’t control this virus in the initial stages because of their irresponsible citizens. And one more thing is that Italians organized a campaign called “HUG A CHINESE” which may be the other reason for this huge disaster.

BOLOGNA, ITALY РMARCH 21: Swab controls made by AUSL (Aziende Unità Sanitarie Locali) for people in cars on March 21, 2020 in Bologna, Italy. The Italian government continues to enforce the nationwide lockdown measures to control the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). (Photo by Massimo Cavallari/Getty Images)

As we know 97% of death cases in Italy are of 65+-year-old people. Italy has the second-highest number of


population in India. One better valid reason for the casualties in Italy is all most all the deaths are due to Pneumonia. Pneumonia is an issue that creates lung infection and breathing problems. Italy has the best medical facilities when compared with India but, they do not have multiple resources to treat Pneumonia. So, people lost hopes on the recovery of people who are aged above 65years.

This gives us a clear idea of how we should take care of our grandparents. One more thing is the Indian government stopped the International borders and International Airlines just a week ago. So, already the foreign returnees who are already in India became a big problem for us. But still, the central and state governments gathered all the information regarding the foreign returnees and now the motto is TRACK AND TRACE them. This can be done only when people stay at home. So, please live and let others live. If you find any foreign returnee near your premises please give their details to health workers and let them examine him. Being isolated is not being in ICU. The government will take care, provide good food, good treatment. So, let us stop this community transformation of the virus. Let us stay at home and support the governments, Doctors, Policemen. Let’s be responsible citizens.



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