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From test firing Hypersonic Missile on 7th September 2020 to testing the 800 meter range Nirbhaya Missile today that is on 12th of October. India tested 10 Missiles in the past 35 days. Ofcourse we Indians are proud of DRDO for designing, developing and testing those missiles. But, everyone have a doubt on why are those missiles being tested at a brisk pace with sheer emergency. Let us know through this article.

The main reason behind the Missile tests is to fast track the “Made India Missile Development”. And yes, this is because of the stand off between the India and China’s PLA defence forces from May to till date. Starting from Hypersonic missile, Nirbhay, Prithvi, BrahMos DRDO has tested all the missiles starting from 200 range to 2000 range.

The missiles that were tested can be fired from ground, jets and tanks. The latest development is that DRDO’s next missile test will be tested from submarine. This gives a clear indication that the Indian missiles and defence forces are ready to tackle any situations from Air, water and ground.

The US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has been keen on Indian Missile as they have been supporting India in the latest standoff against China. The USA is very serious on the China and the Communist party for hiding the Covid-19 virus.

The below are the details of Missiles and their ranges:

  • Hypersonic Technology Demonstration Vehicle 7 Sept
  • ABHYAS-High Speed Expendable Aerial Target 22 Sept
  • Laser Guided Anti Tank Guided Missile 22 Sept
  • Night trial of strategic missile Prithvi II 23 Sept
  • Supersonic cruise missile BrahMos 30 Sep
  • Laser Guided Anti Tank Guided Missile 1 Oct
  • Supersonic Shaurya strategic missile 3 Oct
  • Supersonic Missile Assisted Release of Torpedo 5 Oct
  • Anti Radiation Missile 9 Oct
  • Nirbhay Missile 12 Oct

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