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Coronavorus: How Are The Dead Bodies Of Covid19 Patients Treated

How to Handle COVID19 Dead Bodies

Whenever the world faces a pandemic like Swine flu, Ebola, HIV, the Coronavirus, WHO(World Health Organization) gives clear cut guidelines to the nation on how to handle the dead bodies of the infected person.

The first problem with these dead bodies came into limelight in the UK. The UK parliament passed an act to make the last rituals of the dead bodies by firing them. But, the Muslim and the Jewish community did not accept it and protested against it. So, the UK parliament again issued orders to deal with the dead bodies of the Covid19 patients according to their religious practice but should follow the guidelines given by the government.

The same situation persisted in Italy. But, the people went according to the government’s wish to perform the last rituals of the patient by firing his/her body. This decision came up as there are more deaths in Italy and the place to bury the body and the manpower to make the coffins became impossible. So, the dead body of the Covid19 patient will be directly taken from the hospital to the cremation ground and the last rituals are performed by firing the dead body.


Coming to India, India has a diversified religious system. The government gave permission to perform the final rights in their respective religious style. But, the persons who are with the dead body should dress up according to the guidelines issued by the (WHO) World Health Organisation.

The medical staff who carries the body to the cremation ground should wear a protective dress that covers up entire body. For India, the DRDO has made the protective body uniform and we are also exporting them to other countries. Gloves, Masks are mandatory. However, the dead body cannot sneeze or cough to spread the virus but, the liquids that may flow from his/her nose, the mouth can still spread the virus.


The family members should stay away from the body at the cremation ground and should not kiss or touch the dead body. If the last rites are performed in Hindu style, the patient’s relatives can take the ash from the burial ground as the virus will not be present in it. So, these are the different guidelines that both the Indian government and the WHO gave to protect us from spreading the virus.

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