Chinese New Year & Hug a Chinese Campaign : Explained

Chinese New Year

It is a known fact that the corona outbreak happened in China in late November when a person working in the Wuhan wild market got admitted to the hospital with the symptoms of flu and cold. After diagnosis, doctors confirmed that he was suffering from coronavirus.

But, the Chinese government told the other countries in the mid of February. This is what created a major problem. Chinese celebrate their new year for 15 days. The actual date of the new year is on February 12th, 2021. Chinese plans their new year in a grand manner. As we know the population of China is huge. It is expected that approximately 190 million Chinese have planned abroad trips for their new year celebrations.

Chinese New Year

But, the fact is 34% of travelers have canceled their tickets keeping in mind about the corona pandemic. Otherwise, the disaster would be huge. By the time the Chinese reached other countries, the news of the corona outbreak in China became more popular. People in other countries shown some racism by avoiding them from mingling with them. Many NGOs found this as inhuman and called for a campaign. This was called the “HUG A CHINESE” campaign. This was to show tell them that they have no racism.

It was organized all over the world but its impact was more in Italy, Spain, and France. This was a major mistake that those countries did. Started on February 1st, the campaign had run until the end of February. Almost half of the population in those countries have hugged Chinese. The already infected Chinese have not shown any symptoms then but, when the infection started showing symptoms, the Coronavirus already made a deadly disaster in the world.

Hug a Chinese Campaign

The European countries later realized that they did a mistake. But, at this point of time, their realization had no meaning. Due to their huge population, the Chinese have huge settlements in America, Europe, Australian nations. Their new year trip was made mostly to these nations which got those nations to suffer this outbreak. So, from the above analysis, it is clear that the Chinese new year and Hug a Chinese campaign is the major way for contamination of the coronavirus.


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