kerala outbreak
  • 387 confirmed case, 211 recovered and 3 dead.
  • These numbers show us how Kerala is fighting hard against the Pandemic.
  • Kerala is that state in India where the majority of the Keralites migrate to other countries in search of jobs.
  • Apart, from Punjabis, the people of Kerala are those among the large migrants from India to other countries.
  • When the corona outbreak happened in November in China and slowly started spreading to Gulf countries in the month
  • The prestigious MIT university published a paper on Kerala’s fight against the Coronavirus.
  • Here in this article, we are going to know how Kerala is winning the war against the coronavirus.
  • Kerala is among those states in India where there are many migrants to other countries. So, the risk factor for Kerala was always high.
  • When China registered its first case on November 20, the Kerala government analysed the situation.
  • The government gathered the statistics of travelers coming from Gulf countries.
  • They found that 4 International Airports have the highest number of passengers traveling from Gulf countries to Kerala. So, on January 9th, the Home Minister of Kerala ordered for the screening of passengers in all the International Airports.
  • Where the Indian Government did this in the mid of February month.

corona screening

  • After screening, the government did not stop further testing.
  • The government organized NGO’s and volunteers for timely monitoring the situation.
  • The Health Minister of Kerala ordered all the district collectors of Kerala and divided the government servants into 9 batches.
  • Each batch was again given a team of 50 volunteers. Each volunteer took care of 100 houses. Vigorous testings were done in all the houses.
  • Whoever tested positive were taken immediately to the hospital and treated. Even in the treatment, the Kerala was first to use the Convalescent Plasma Therapy and became successful.

break chain corona break corona chain

Around 100000 people in Kerala were home quarantined. The government institutions were still running till March 22nd. But, as per the timely decision of Kerala Education Minister, the schools and colleges were closed by the end of January. Even though the government offices, banks, postal, industries were running, the Kerala government started an initiation called “BREAK THE CHAIN” which helped a lot in controlling the pandemic.

Around 9 mobile testing zones were organised in each district. People voluntarily came to the testing zones and took the tests. The samples were sent to the virology labs and until the test result comes, the people who took tests were quarantined. Sanitiser, temporary wash basins were set up at all the public places in Kerala by the end of January. Hand wash was made compulsory while entering and leaving the offices.

When the coronavirus was creating a havoc in other countries. Here in India, there was a spread of whatsapp messages that Coronavirus does not live in hot tropical zones like India. Many of the Indians believed it. But, the government of Kerala always educated their people by saying that this is a pandemic and hot climate cannot stop it from spreading. Kerala is a state with 94% literacy rate and so, people always believed in what the government said and ignored fake forward messages.

The main step that the Kerala government took is that, it restricted their citizen from going to the Tabhligi Jamaat event, where it raised the curve of the Corona cases in India. Already the state went into self-isolation by the time the Jaamat event took place. These measures can be lauded as of now but, India would have been in a better position if all the states in the country took these measures by the end of January.



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