coronavirus outbreak

Scientists and Researchers around the world are working vigorously in finding a vaccine for the deadly Coronavirus. Meanwhile, medications such as Hydroxychloroquine, HIV related drugs are being used now. But, recently one more way of treating became popular as Doctors seems it to be risk-free and acquiring good results with this easy process. This is called Convalescent Plasma Therapy. In this article, we are going to know everything about Plasma Therapy treatment. Immunity power in all human beings is not the same. They differ by age and sex. Generally, old age people are more prone to lose their lives due to coronavirus. Young people are getting recovered soon due to their good immune system. It is because their blood carries antibodies that can fight against the virus in the body. This type of treatment was first practiced and was successful in Kerala. A young woman who got recovered from the Coronavirus came forward and donated her blood.

After collecting the blood from the recovered patients, the plasma from the blood is extracted and again injected into the body of another infected person whose immune system is low. The antibodies in the recovered patient’s plasma will now fight against the virus in the other patient. 4 out of 10 patients who have undergone plasma therapy have shown the good state of recovery. So, now this therapy is widely promoted in all the states of India. Recently, a person in Andhra Pradesh has been cured using this treatment. Kerala doctors are relying on this treatment due to its high success rate.

However, the government has designed few guidelines for the donors of the blood. The blood from the recovered person should be collected only after his willingness. Unlike regular blood donation, there is no need of maintaining timely gap between each donation as in this plasma therapy only small amount of blood is collected and plasma is extracted from the blood. Before collecting the blood from the recovered person, repeated tests will be performed to come to a conclusion that the person tests negative for Coronavirus. After ICMR gave approval for plasma therapy in Kerala, it now became a ray of hope for many states. Even the Chinese Medical Researches stated that, they found good results by using the Plasma Therapy. So, lets hope for the best !


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