Many of us aim for good-paying software jobs soon after our engineering. We will be entering those IT companies by learning C, C++, JAVA, PYTHON related courses. Working from 9-5 we earn around 20-25K per month. But, what about being a “FREELANCER”? You can earn by working from home. You find it as another way to improve your earnings. This is not only for the passing out students. But also, those who are working in the IT field can choose this as an option to earn extra. Here in this article, we are going to explain 5 steps that can help anyone of them to become an expert in it and become a freelancer.


To become a freelancer, first, you need to know what your passion is. A person who is good at cooking can write articles on it, create a youtube channel, post videos. A person who is good at technology can write technical blogs, technical vlogs. Some may be good at gaming, they can develop gaming apps, online gaming platforms (Example: Rummy online). Thus, identifying what we are good at is the first step in becoming a Freelancer. A vigorous brain-storming is required to get the answer to the above question.


Marketing your work is one of the important steps in becoming a freelancer. You will create your work and people will get to know about it only when they come across it. The best marketing sources these days are social media platforms. Create an account on all social media platforms. Invest and get promoted by other big brothers on social media platforms. Let your brand become the talk of the town. Gain audience trust. This is what many freelancers do. Many websites regarding movies, which create gossips, controversial topics gain audience and make them interact through their websites and thus, they earn more and more money.


The world is now running on apps. So, mobile application development has now become a major sector in the IT field. After learning to develop the app, we can either develop an app for money to others or create your own app and then submit it to google play store. Thus, you can earn for downloads. But, the success of your app depends on the way you marketize it. Those in the IT sector can now plan to develop an app. For example ZOOM, a video conference app developed by China is now suggested not to use in India because of privacy concerns and so, many app developers are now running after developing a video conference app.


UI/UX means User experience design/User interface design. This is a front-end tool used by the designers. This involves identifying and solving user problems. A UI/UX designer typically develops an interface that is user friendly and attractive. It can be used while developing a website or a mobile application. If you are looking to become an app developer, a website designer, then this UI/UX can become an additional advantage.


Web designing is one more important step in becoming a freelancer. One can learn website designing through online sources (Youtube). But, before going for the online source of learning it is better to read books and get a theoretical idea of what you are doing.

Most of the startup companies will start with the help of a freelancer. Invest your money in Marketing. Invest your time in learning software of what you want to design. This can be chosen as a career option for students who are in engineering and an another source of income for those who are already working in software field. 2 out of 10 techies in Banglore city are freelancers. It is already a successful career in abroad and now becoming popular in India.

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