Many students and housewives looking for work from home jobs to earn their livelihood in their free time. We have gathered some work from home jobs in this article. Do read it and share with the needy.


AUDIO BEE is a freelancing website where you have to listen to audio and type the transcript in your own language. The other work may include reading and recording a paragraph. Finally, the third job is to translate the text from English to Telugu, Telugu to Hindi, Hindi to English, etc. Each task will be paid in dollars. The amount will be created through PAYPAL. If you don’t have a PAYPAL account create one.

Apply for the job through the link here: CLICK HERE


This job is another work-from-home job and will be paid for solving problems on the Vedantu site. The payment for each problem varies and depends on the class. For class 10, you will be paid more, for class 6 you will be paid less. The minimum qualification is graduation.

Apply for the job through the link here: CLICK HERE


FIVERR is the most trusted and most famous freelancing website that offers various jobs. There are ample amount of jobs in Fiverr such as data entry, logo designer, photography, picture editor, voice recorder, and many many more. The payment is made according to the employer. The payment mode is PAYPAL.

Signup for the FIVERR site through the link here: CLICK HERE


PAYTM has recently launched work from home job as a service agent where you can work using your phone. The work is to get more and more transactions through Paytm like booking tickets, paying bills, etc., and selling PAYTM products like QR Scanner, EDC machine, Sound Box, Fast tag.

Apply for the job through the link here: CLICK HERE



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