It is the first time ever that a country’s former President is sentenced to hang
till death.
What did he do?
What is the reason for hanging him?


Let us know from this article.

Background :

  • India and Pakistan fought 3 wars. 2 were full-scale wars and the other is the KARGIL WAR.
  • It was not a full-fledge war as the Indian Army restricted Pakistan. Later in 1999,
    when Nawaz Shariff, was the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Parvez Musharraf was the Army general.
  • Musharraf was a dictator by nature and want to become the Supreme of Pakistan without an election. The only power that he can use was Military power.
  • But, he needs some support from Pakistani citizens. So, the only thing he can do is an attack on India and prove his capability. But, the democratically elected Pakistani government was unable to do that.
  • Pakistani high ranking officers are treated as the supreme in those days. That is what Parvez
  • Musharraf took the benefit. Under his tenure, the Pakistani Army became a corporate power. They invested in many countries and even if the army generals were caught in corruption, they were not punished because of their supremacy.

In 2001, he took over the power from the President of Pakistan and became the 10th President of Pakistan. He was also the Chief Army staff then. But in the year 2007, he thought of seeking more power in the nation and so, he dismissed the constitution of Pakistan. He dismissed all the Independent news channels. When the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan IFTHIKAR, tried to tell him that this is unconstitutional, Musharraf sent all the 111th Brigade of Pakistan and arrested them in the court itself. He dismissed the constitution, he arrested the judges and lawyers, took over the power.



The reason is Pakistan was suffering from severe extremism. Terrorists became a threat to the nation. Even he was the President and Army chief, he could not do anything because of the rules in the constitution and the supreme court laws. This reason is also justified because of US pressurized Pakistan as the Taliban’s and Pakistani terrorists were attacking the terrorists frequently. So, he was pressured by the US and even his nation. And so he declared NATIONAL EMERGENCY.

On NOV 28th 2007, Musharraf retired from Military handlings and handed over to General Ashfaq. He took oath as the CIVILIAN PRESIDENT of Pakistan, which means the nation runs by his rules and laws and he eventually became the DICTATOR. On Dec 15th, 2007, he lifted the emergency and even stepped down as the president of Pakistan on Aug 18, 2008, because of the Pakistani Civilians and the disturbance he caused to the nation because of an EMERGENCY.

After resigning, he fled away from Pakistan to other nations like UAE, USA. He returned back to Pakistan in 2013 to contest in the general elections as he thought he did something good to the nation by standing against terrorism. But then, there were many cases already filed on him. As a result after many hearings, the supreme court of Pakistan gave their judgment a few days back to hand PARVEZ MUSHARRAF TO DEATH for the havoc he created during the emergency period.

This is a welcoming gesture from the Pakistani judiciary by alarming their leaders and the people that NO ONE IS SUPERIOR BEFORE THE LAW.


However, Musharraf may not be hanged soon, because he is ill and is under treatment in the UAE. He may apply for a review of the Judgement and his death penalty may be changed to life imprisonment. But, all this can be done only when he returns to Pakistan which may never happen.


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