How is The Base Price Of Every Player Decided For Every Year’s IPL Auction?

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You will be surprised to know that players decide base price themselves.

Firstly, the players are categorized as capped and uncapped on the basis of whether they have represented their country in an international match or not.

  • Capped players are given the choice to quote a base price for themselves with the ceiling being Rs 2 crores.
  • Uncapped players can pick one of the following base prices:
    Rs 10lakhs, Rs 20 lakhs or Rs 30 lakhs.VIVO-IPL-2020 auction

First BCCI 

asks every State Cricket Association to submit the name of all players. Please note that, at this stage of the process, BCCI will only deal directly with the State Associations and at no time will have any communication with player agents or managers. Any failure by a player to abide by this will (unless BCCI in its sole discretion decides otherwise) result in the player’s name being withdrawn with immediate effect from the Auction Register and or Auction list.

The minimum base price for any player is 10 lakh.
After that, every player can decide his base price (If a player thinks he played well in Domestic cricket or International cricket, he can set a higher value) and then BCCI updates the list.
Some not very good T20 players set their base price very high so they remained unsold.

2) How do players register themselves for IPL auction?

This is a long process of getting a player in an auction for IPL.

ipl auction

1. BCCI asks the players who want to be part of IPL.
2. Players have to submit NOC(No Objection Certificate) which is issued by their respective Cricket boards to BCCI and formally address BCCI to be included in Auction.
3. Players provide their base price as well to BCCI.
4. BCCI prepares the list based on various parameters like uncapped, capped, foreigner and as well as the base price set by respective players
5. Then, Lists are forwarded to all the participating franchises.
6. A franchise gives its list of players on whom they are interested to buy in auction.
7. That’s how players land up in auction and all franchises bid for them.

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