WHY DOES OUR COUNTRY NEED TWO HOUSES : LOK SABHA & RAJYA SABHA..Is there really a need of 2 houses?


The general myth that everyone has is if a bill needs to be passed and if the Government has enough majority in the Parliament, then that bill could get passed easily. And if you think that there is no importance for Rajya Sabha in passing a bill then you are thinking in a wrong way.

Rajya Sabha members are indirectly elected by the MLAs of your state through a Single transfer voting system. So, these members of Rajya Sabha are indirectly representing your state at the national level. The Parliament committee works an entire year to look at the pros and cons before making the bill and sending it to the Lok Sabha members.

The members of Parliament look at the bill and will have debates, discussions and if the house has a majority the bill will be passed in Lok Sabha. Then it is sent to the Rajya Sabha.


Now the members of Rajya Sabha that means the people who represent your state at the central level with review the bill. They will have discussions and send them back for an amendment if necessary. If Lok Sabha takes any decision and that is affecting the state, then your Rajya Sabha members can oppose this, discuss and make changes and ask to amend the bill.

The Rajya Sabha can oppose any bills and ask for the amendment but not the money bill. The finance bill passed in Lok Sabha will be sent to Rajya Sabha for review. But they cannot ask for any changes and should definitely pass it. They can act actively in the appointment and dismissal of the President & Vice-President.

Thus the Rajya Sabha member has a vital role to play in lawmaking but has limited powers compared to the Lok Sabha members.