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Machilipatnam, now in Andhra Pradesh is one of the most important cities during ancient times. The prominence of Machilipatnam was identified in the early 16th century by the Dutch and East Indian Companies.

When the Mughals were ruling the North Eastern and North Western parts of India, it became quite difficult for the Dutch and British East Indian companies to enter into the Indian Subcontinent. So, they slowly identified the Machilipatnam port which in South India where there was no eye of the Mughal emperors.

The companies imported and exported many goods like spices, pepper, cinnamon, ivory through this port. Slowly many people came to know about this port and it became an industrial hub of the South Indian market. Dutch, French and British rulers constructed forts in Machilipatnam to stay and look after their businesses which can be seen even today.


After the Mughal emperors came to know about this port city. They invaded the city. But after a few years after the rulers found out other cities like Surat, Bengal which have port cities they neglected Machilipatnam port. Even Vijayawada and Guntur has less population when compared to Machilipatnam.

This due to the lack of Industries, Even the port of Machilipatnam is left without development. The population has been reducing as people are migrating to big cities because of Unemployment.

There are other few important aspects to be known about Machilipatnam

  • Machilipatnam is the first Municipality, Vijayawada & Guntur were Panchayithis then.
  • The headquarters of Krishna District is Machilipatnam.
  • Famous for KALANKARI work.
  • Famous for CHILAKALAPUDI gold.

And the famous line “BANDAR PICHOLLU” is also degrading its significance.

All the railway lines end at Machilipatnam. There is no railway line going forward after this point. So, people from different states who are mentally challenged hire those trains and will get off those trains at Machilipatnam as this is the last stop.

These mentally challenged people get into the city and roam in the city. So, Machilipatnam got this name “Bandar Pichollu”. There are many organizations demanding to extend the railway line to get rid of those mentally challenged people into the city.