The career testing time for the engineering and degree graduates has just started. MNC companies in the country are lining up for colleges to hire graduates. So, here are tips that you need to know to crack an MNC interview.

The interview process goes through 3 steps namely, the screening test, technical round, and HR round. Some companies may also have a Group discussion round. The basic and first thing that an interviewer looks at is your academic points such as CGPA/ Percentages and all those. 65% above can give a positive opinion on you to the interviewer. But, if you have low academics and a valid reason for that, just intimate that to him/her.


For an interview, the screening process starts with a test on your aptitude, reading, and English tests. Few days before the interview, start practicing the previous year’s question papers on aptitude and reason of the respective MNC. Questions may not repeat, but the models are always the same. There will be just a change in numbers.

When you clear the screening process, that gives a positive hope for further rounds.


Generally, IT companies test your programming skills. C language is the basic skill that is needed to mark you as a fresher in programming. So, a piece of very good knowledge and problem-solving methods using C language is a must. Along with C languages, Data structures is also mandatory before going to the interview.

As the competition is heavy these days, a little knowledge of either JAVA, HTML, PYTHON can give you an added advantage over other aspirants.

Making a website using simple HTML codes is very easy. So, better build your own website and mention that in your resume.


Few companies like Tech Mahindra will conduct Group Discussion before the HR round as a further more elimination process. During the group, discussion choose your point and stick to it. You may get a chance to talk twice or thrice in the entire session. So, make sure that you will create a positive opinion on the host before you leave the session. Don’t make irrelevant fun and don’t go out of the topic under discussion.


The final round and the dicing round in the interview process is the HR round. They will mostly test your thinking ability. Sometimes, they twist you, like asking is this job necessary for you? Can I give your job to someone poor? So, don’t think like as it happens in movies like a hero gives away his job and impresses his HR. Just, put a smile on your face and ignore his proposal. Don/t act too smart. HR resource persons know how to trigger you. Do not fall into the trap. Be humble, polite, and answer to the point. Going out of the topic will make the interviewer ask more and more questions.

Hope these tips could help you in clearing the interview. All the best folks!!!

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