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ICE CREAM PARLOUR BUSINESS: Requirements, Investment

Starting an ice cream parlor business is never a bad idea in India. It has a huge demand and market in India. But, it is how you brand yourself is the question. In this article, our startup analyst will let you know the requirements, investment, and other things that you need to know for starting an ice-cream parlor business.

Equipment Required:

  • Industrial/Commercial refrigerator (multiple): Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 1 lakh
  • Storage cupboards: Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 50,000 per unit
  • Kitchen equipment: up to Rs. 70,000
  • Packaging materials: Rs. 20,000 – Rs. 30,000

The rent of the place depends on the locality.

Staff Required:

A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 are enough to maintain a simple ice cream parlor. Women employees are generally preferred to maintain a parlor business.

Variety of Ice Creams:

Ice creams generally are available in numerous varieties. Some of the companies use organic flavors which are of the high cost. But, according to me, and the present condition of the market, the taste of the ice cream is almost the same at all places. But, a pleasant interior design of your parlor could fetch you more customers.

Marketing Strategy:

Before discussing the marketing strategy, one who wants to start this business should know to choose a better place for it. A successful ice cream parlor will always be around 1 to 2kms away from the engineering colleges, medical colleges, or any hotels.

Your parlor name should be absolutely trendy and should attract customers by its name. Flyers online and digital marketing adds an advantage to your business.

Create a blog, Instagram page, Facebook page for your business. Keep posting beautiful pictures in there. Arrange birthday, marriage day events this could fetch mouth publicity.

Documents Required:

  • shop establishment licenses,
  • FSSAI licenses,
  • Local Municipal Authority,
  • and Fire license.

Licensing may cost you around 50 thousand to 1 lakh.

Coming to overall investment, it would cost you around 8 lakhs (including shop interior design)

Apart from starting your own business, you can also own a franchise just like Amul, Arun,, But, that would cost you more.

This is a tentative idea, do much more research before starting the business

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