It’s just a few days actually hours remaining for the TCS-NQT exam which is going to be held on March 10th. It’s a dream for many students to get placed in TCS. In this article, we are going to share some important tips that you need to follow just a few days before the exam.

For Aptitude and English:

It is important to get 60% in every section of the test to crack the NQT exam. As per the suggestions from the experts, most of the questions are repeated or just numbers are changed. One needs to go through 3 websites and solve questions in them. Website details are given below:

  • M4maths
  • Faceprep
  • Prep insta

Start solving from M4 maths because candidates who attended NQT revealed that most of the questions got repeated from the M4 maths website.

For Coding:

The programming includes C, Data structures, and some debugging skills. The questions will be logical to solve. You need to be confident with the basic concepts of prime numbers, fabinoccii series, odd, even, arithmetic series, squares, cubes, natural numbers. For programming logics keep repeatedly solving questions from Prep Insta.

You will only get one code to solve. So, it depends on the ability of logic that you put into the question. The question tests your logical thinking more and programming skills less. So, be thorough with all the logic in mathematics.

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