Frontlines Media is offering 3 months integrated training program for B.tech students/Degree students who are aiming to get placed in IT companies. We are offering

  • C with Data Structures,

  • JAVA

  • Mini project on JAVA

The entire duration of the course is 3 months.

Why should you choose us even if there are many such programs in the market:

The people who train you are not teachers. They have work experience in INTEL & TCS. Only the one who worked in the Industry know what they want from a fresher.

We trained 7 batches many of them are from Non-IT backgrounds and completed the course with satisfaction.

Nowhere in the market, you will find a coaching institute that makes you do a project. But, after completion of the course, we will make you do a project by yourselves. That adds extra weight to your resume. 

Our entire journey will be for 3 months where we train you ready for the interviews. Even after the completion of the course if you have any doubts regarding the language, interview, or anything you can contact us.

Fees for the entire 3 modules (C with Data Structures, JAVA & Project) for 3 months is 9000/- rupees.

If you are happy with our course structure, deliverable, and fee structure. However, in-detail course content will be explained by our tutors in the DEMO class. Please fill the registration form. We will send you the DEMONSTRATION link to your E-mail

Apply through the link here: CLICK HERE

Please share with your friends who are looking for these kinds of opportunities.

Feel free to contact us through our official mail address [email protected]



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