Few students who aren’t interested in the core side or some students who are interested to take up MBA aiming for a better career. Here in this article, we will discuss how should we plan MBA after Degree /Btech and how should be our approach for a better career.

Let me get into the topic in Telugu

Chala mandi students. after Degree/Btech MBA join avvali anukuntaru which is absolutely a very good idea. But, mana career manam ye college lo chadivam ane daani meeda depend ayyi untundi. I am not at all degrading but, mana intiki edo oka product pattukuni ee vastuvu konandi ani intintiki tirige vallu kuda MBA graduates ye. Vallaki kuda ala cheyyadam ishtam undadu but, situations will make us do all those things.

So, when you are planning for MBA if you are in final year start your preparation. Simple questions to difficult one with time constraint lo solve cheyalsi untundi. MBA college lo seat ravadaniki meeru crack cheyalsina exam CAT AA exam crack chesthe okavela manchi colleges lo ante, IIM(Indian Institute of Management) lo vasthe inka life set. Venakki tirigi chuskovalsina pain ledu. But, What if we don’t crack? IIM lo rakapothe aim for Business schools. Mana India lo oka 50 top Business schools untay. Andulo vachina manchi salary package tho bayatiki vastaru.

Kaani local colleges lo meeru MBA chesi job techukovali ante malli you have to compromise in life. Okavela local college aina andulo campus placements unte you can try for that.

CAT ki chadive process is similar to Bank exams, CET exams. Ante aa exam lo questions kaani, andulo models kaani similar ga untay. MBA kosam CAT exam ki prepare avthu…madhyalo IBPS notification release aithe meeru atu vaipu kuda try cheyachu. Endukante always we should have a Plan B.

Edaina chadavalani focus chesthe always aim for good one. IIMs ki plan chesthe, Business schools tagalachu ade manam Business schools ki try chesthe edo oka local college ye vastundi. So, plan accordingly. However, nijam ga interest tho MBA chesthe you can get placed with good package.

So, this is a suggestion from us. Hope you like it

-Krishna (Frontlinesmedi)



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