Good morning sir!
I am very glad to introduce myself to you sir.
I am ( your name)
I am born and raised in (city name)
(ikkada me vuru kosam matter prepare avvandi endukante me vuru special enti ani adagavachhu.. Madhi srikakulam danikosam nen prepare chesukunnadhi.. I am born and raised in Srikakulam. Which is the land of great scientific innovations. This proves the greatest civil engineering technology that is used in the construction of the sun god temple, located in Arasavalli. As well as this is the land of peace and sacrifice which is proved by the archeology department.
Salihundam and danthavarapu kota were the lands of Buddhist monks…. Etc)
Right now I am pursing B.Sc in computers as  a a mainstream, in ( your college name, Akkad meru degree lo eam nerchukunnaro cheppandi like stage fear pogottukunna.. )
I did my schooling and intermediate in (city name, meru eam nerchukunnaro cheppali like leadership skills ala eamina.. Ila meru eam nerchukunnaro cheppakunda me studies ekkada complete chesaro cheppatam waste.)
I never ever want to waste my time that proves my additional credentials where I got from (Institute name, meru eamina courses cheste ila cheppandi)
There are so many things to mention about myself as I am active, enthusiastic and thirst of knowledge person. (Ila qualities cheptu daniki samardhisthu meru chesinavi cheppali aa qualities meku vunnayi ani nammela indulone hobbies cover cheseyandi)
I scored more than 80% in all my academics which proves I was sincere in my studies as well as I got so many awards and certifications in school and college levels (meku idhi suitable ithene cheppandi)
I have a beautiful family of 4 members.
My father is a (occupation) which is very difficult to make more money only depends upon the source. I still remember everyday he used to teach me the value of one rupee. How it leads the happier or Cursefull life. He gives very respect to each and every moment of life.
I personally learn from him if you  spend an hour time  on our goal we can achieve something in it. In the same way if we spend that time for unusual or unprofitable things we may miss something. Because of my father’s profession, there is a chance to me to develop my personality well. In my entire life, he is my great inspiration. He is my guide. The things what I have learnt  from my father might be helpful to me to enhance my professional skills which are excellently fit for your organization.
My mother is a housewife who is a close friend to me where is a chance to share all my personal things. She was really great moral support to me. Whenever I lost something in my life whether it is academically or something beyond that my mother helped me from overcoming it. When my father cursed me my mother is always a cure to me.
I have a sister who is very good at academics compare to me whenever she brought progress reports to my home that day was a difficult day in my life. She always motivated me to enhance my skills somewhat better to identify myself in my family initially. I declared whenever my sister gave me a difficult challenge that molded my mind to the first place in every aspect of academics. So, In this way, a competition initially starts from my home to school, college to society.
My short-term goal is to get a job in a reputed company like yours. Where I can prove my skills and improve my knowledge.
My long-term goal is to be in a respectable position where I work.
ila as it is ga cheppamani anatam ledu.. Idhe correct ani kuda cheppatam ledu.. Just sharing this… It may helpful for freshers.. Anni points cheppakkarledu time ni batti interviewer questions batti cheppand.. Me family kosam kaani me vuru kosam kaani adigithe indulo points cheppochhu






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