Thursday, July 25, 2024

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No Country will allow illegal migrants into their country. Because of the fear that they would destroy the harmony of their country. But India is a land of many migrants who come here illegally and settle. So the central government decided to confirm the identity of the citizens of India.

First of all the Central Government wants the NRC to be implemented in Assam. Assam has a population of 3.02 crores and the government recognized 40 lakhs people as illegal migrants from Assam. The people over there protested against this and agitations are still going on. The government gave permission to the 40 lakh members to go the Foreign tribunal and appeal for their identity.

To know this NRC issue in Assam we need to know this. During the colonial rule by the English East Indian company, they encouraged many of the migrants to live in the Indian subcontinent to work for them. Then after the 1971 war when Bangladesh was partitioned from India few remained here and few went to Bangladesh.

So, the government of India announced that those who are in India before MARCH 24th 1971, will be considered as Indians and those who came here after MARCH 24th 1971 as illegal immigrants. So, the politicians are fighting for the 40 lakh migrants.

And recently on the first of winter session parliament Union Home Minister Amit Shah confirmed that the NRC is not limited to Assam and it will be implemented all over India, the opposition raised their voice that India is definitely a land of immigrants as during the partition many fled away and some stayed here so, there might be illegal immigrants and the Hindu stamped government is taking revenge especially on the Muslims in India.

So. This is what everything about NRC you need to know.

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