After news came out from the US investigating media agency that the North Korea Supreme Leader KIM JONG UN is in grave danger after surgery, people became very keen to know about his whereabouts. In this article, let us know what happened to the North Korea Supremo and what the Korean media is saying about the US reports on his ill health. KIM who is expected to be 36 years old has been suffering from a cardiovascular problem long way back. On April 12th, he was admitted to the hospital to undergo the cardiovascular surgery procedure.

According to other speculation, cardiovascular surgery was performed by a Chinese doctor and KIM was infected coronavirus from him. So, the doctors are treating him secretly and do not want this news to get circulated in the world.

It is said that his health was not going well because of smoking, overwork, and obesity from the past August. While the US media and some of the China media are claiming that his health in grave danger by the time he went for the surgery but, the Korean media dismissed the news saying that Kim is in the capital city Pyongyang and is undergoing some serious and secret media with Korean officials. According to the Korean Central News Agency(KCNA), KIM attended a meeting on April 11th before getting admitted to the hospital to discuss the Coronavirus prevention in the country and electing his sister as an alternate member of the political bureau of the ruling Workers’ Party.

This is not the first time that KIM vanished from the world. In 2014, he vanished without informing the media for 6 months. Later, when he came back, the North Korean media reported that he went for surgery to remove a cyst that was formed in his ankle. The media is already in the speculations about the next successor for North Korea. It is said that apart from other KIM loves his sister and she is already into the administrative affairs. So, she is speculated to be the most possible successor of North Korea.

The world may not know the truth that early about KIM’s current condition because the North Korean media switch is always in KIM’s under. Countries like the USA are very keen to know his health condition as there is speculation of war between them because of their diverse opinions in matters related to politics, trade, and commerce. Let’s put aside the speculations and let us wish a speedy recovery if still, he is alive!!


(Editor in Chief, Frontlinesmedia)