The life after lockdown may not be like as it was before. The Coronavirus RNA may get suppressed now by the end of May or June but it may come back in another form in the coming winter season according to the WHO. China has recently lifted the lockdown but, the life of the people of China is not the same as it was before. Here in this article we will have a clear understanding of China’s life after lockdown and compare it with Indian circumstances. After 73 days of critical lockdown, the people of China are now into their normal life but still with some restrictions.


  • Social distancing became quite common in China after the coronavirus outbreak. The government passed strict rules to the people to use face masks when they travel in public places.
  • Those who did not have the habit of carrying sanitizer are now using them frequently every time when they touch something in public places. Handwashing liquids are already placed by the government before all the offices and workplaces.
  • Comparing this with us, India may also have the same restrictions. Apart from some backward places where literacy is low, people have already started using sanitizers, maintaining social distance.


  • Transportation is one more important aspect that we have to discuss for sure. People of China who before used to travel by public transport are now using their own vehicles to avoid contact with other persons.
  • The automobile industry is the one that can witness profits in the coming months after lockdown as people wish to use their own vehicles and avoid public transportation.
  • This may increase the pollution level in the atmosphere but will avoid pandemics like the corona.


  • India has a culture of diversified rituals and traditions. We in India celebrate many festivals and traditional rituals.
  • But, after lockdown, we may witness some changes in rituals. Temples like Tirupati, Amarnath where lakhs of people gather in a day can create a hotspot for virus spreading.
  • So, the officials may organize time slots even for free darshan and allow limited pilgrims to visit the temple in a day. Rituals like marriages, functions may also be organized only with limited persons.


  • Tech giants in India like the TCS, Tech Mahindra have already announced that by the end of 2025 they are trying to have 75% of employees working from home.
  • Apart from those working in manufacturing units, it is possible for software developers to work from home. This reduces the stress of the employee and management costs for the companies.
  • So, this could become the most possible happening in the coming years.


  • Restaurants and Bars might take extra measures as they are taking now in China. Restaurants will now serve their people with extra safety measures like wearing gloves, using sanitizers.
  • Bars and wine shops may stop having an inhouse bar and just provide takeaway or delivery services.
  • Doing this not only reduces the cost of maintenance for the management and is safe for the customers

However, it is clear that the life of the people will not be the same as it was before.

-Krishna (Editor in Chief)