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There is a saying that, people who are educated will only know the value of education. This became true in the case of AAM AADMI PARTY chief Kejriwal’s ruling in Delhi. An IIT graduate, Kejriwal is now the CM of Delhi.

There are many welfare programs that were implemented by Kejriwal in his tenure as Chief Minister. Of course, there are few bad decisions as well. But, here in this article, we are going to briefly discuss the EDUCATIONAL REFORMS that Kejriwal implemented in Delhi.

  • In his election manifesto, CM Kejriwal announced that the AAP government will aim at providing quality education to all the people in the society irrespective of caste, religion.
  • He also expressed that he will stand on improving the infrastructure facilities in government schools. Of course, the elected AAP government made a lot of innovative changes in government schools.
  • The AAP government promised 500 new schools in the manifesto but, yet they have only built 30 schools due to a shortage of lands. Still, the AAP government managed to modernize 8000 new classrooms in existing schools.
  • The education budget has gone up every year, hitting the figure of Rs 13,997 crore in 2018-19 — 26 percent of Delhi’s entire budget.

Here are few structural reforms that Kejriwal initiated in his tenure:

  1. Free education up to 12th class.
  2. Increasing scholarships for students scoring 80 percent and above to Rs.2500.
  3. Regulating private school fees and directing 575 schools to refund excess fees.
  5. Introducing a happiness curriculum, entrepreneurship mindset curriculum, and announcing a ‘Desh bhakti curriculum’ this Independence Day eve.
  6. Establishing school management committees to improve the parent-teacher relationship.
  7. Installing CCTV cameras in classrooms and giving parents access to the live feed.

All these reforms made by Kejriwal got to change the parents thinking of sending
their children to private schools. This also helped in gradually reducing child crimes in Delhi.

Today, just if we look at the government schools in Delhi, they are more lavish and modern. And, the toilets in those schools resemble 5-star hotel toilets.

Investing in infrastructure in schools is like investing in the path for producing
capable youth for the country.