Educational Frauds in India


Manam Roju news lo Students mosapoyaru , vere desham lo irruku poyaru , Fake Clgs tho nastapoyaru ani chaala Katanaalu choosthu vuntam & vintu vuntam! Assalu deeniki kaaranam enti , Enduku students mosapothunnaro Meeku telsa ???

Idanta Educational consultancy mafia and valla scams! Edhi 10th class pillala nundi modalavuthundhi.. Mundhu ga konni educational consultancy vallu mana schools ki vachi mana details anni konukuntaru mana school management nunchi !

Ala konukunna details anni oka database la tayaru chesukuni Danni vividha Colleges management ki ammestharu.. Ala mana details koni aa sambandinchina clgs anni mana phone number ki maa college lo join avvandi meeku fee takkuva chestham, meeku manchi education istam ani daily messages and calls chestharu and mimmalni visigistharu !

Meeru vaalla matalu nammi join ayithe akkada meeku vaallu cheppinavi emi vundavu .. Appatike mee nundi fee collect chesina vaalu meeru vellipotham maa dabbulu evvandi ante adhi tirigi kuda evvaru ! Idhi inter-level lo jarige scam.

Manam inter ayipoyaka same mundhu lagane malli educational consultancies mee intermediate colleges nundi mee details anni konukuntaru .. Ala konna mee details migatha consultancies ki leda universities management ki ammestharu ..

Meeru engineering ayithe engineering colleges gurinchi foreign lo engineering gurinchi , Meeru BIPC ayithe Maharashtra lo , Gujarat lo , Bangalore lo, Enka dehradun loni agriculture colleges gurinchi and foreign lo mbbs ani  cheppi meeku daily messages and phones chestharu !!

Chaala mandi BIPC students Assal government recognization leni Fake Agriculture universities lo cheri mosapoyaru!

Foreign lo MBBS takkuva karchu tho. Chepistam ani cheppi Akkadiki vellaka MCI approved leni Colleges lo join chesi ekkuva dabbulu lagestaru!

Enka engineering students ki foreign universities ani cheppi akkada fake and cheap Universities lo admissions chepinchi Passports lagesukuni money demand chestharu !!

In December 2015, Air India offloaded 19 students who were headed for shady universities in California. In April 2016, hordes of Indian and Chinese students and agents were caught after US investigators set up a sting by creating a fake college.

In June 2016, a US university asked 25 first-year Indian students to leave (which effectively meant leaving not just the university but also the US, because student visas are university-specific) when it discovered that they did not meet admission requirements.

Also in June, an investigative report on a California diploma mill revealed that it had paid more to recruiters in India than it had spent on its own staff. The school had 95 percent of Indian students and no full-time faculty, and it fudged grades to keep students enrolled. For this ‘education’, students are paying a fee of Rs 8.5 lakh a year.

In August 2016, news broke that the UK government was shutting down 32 fake universities and investigating 30 more. Recently, New Zealand deported 150 Indian students who say they were unaware that their agents had falsified financial information in their visa applications.

With more and more Indian students opting to study abroad for higher education, every day the number of scams related to it are also coming forward. As the students are not aware of the complex process of studying abroad, they are easily targeted by the fraud agents.

Not only people living in smaller towns but even young people living in metro cities are a vulnerable target of these agents. In case you are not aware of these scamsters, you can read about various fraud instances by study abroad agents.

In order to avoid this kind of situation, please check the registration and license of the consultancy… And talk to the students who had already been into the colleges or universities!