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Hydroxychloroquine: A Valuable Drug

India Biggest Producer Of “Hydroxychloroquine”

Now India is game changer in exporting medicine
  • There is a lot of discussions going on these days on the drug “Hydroxychloroquine”
  • The USA researchers and medical department found that this drug is playing a major role in curing the Coronavirus infected people.
  • The same was announced by Trump in a White House briefing.
  • The world knows that India is the major producer and exporter of anti-malarial drug Hydroxychloroquine.
  • President Trump called Indian Prime Minister Modi and requested to remove the ban on Hydroxychloroquine tablets.
  • Modi awaited Trump in giving the reply but, now India accepted to export those tablets.
  • Here we will come across a doubt that being the richest country in the world.
  • why can’t the USA produce the number of tablets they required? Here is an answer to this.

Indian Exporting Hydroxychloroquine

  • In the briefing, Donald Trump mentioned that “The USA is not out of hydroxychloroquine.
  • But, their production is less when compared to India.
  • The cases in the USA are increasing rapidly and the production is unable to meet the demand”.
  • India is well known for its pharmaceutical companies and their manufacturing.
  • India is one of the major exporters of medicines in other countries.

Indian U-turn On Exporting Hydroxychloroquine

  • Coming to hydroxychloroquine, India is the major producer and exporter. Companies like IPCA, ZYDUS CADILA, WALLACE PHARMACEUTICALS produce 20 crore tablets every month.
  • The Indian government is storing the drug for their countrymen keeping in mind about our huge population.
  • Already in the conversation with Trump, Prime Minister Modi told him that India would manufacture 25% more than what India require and then lift the ban and export them to the world.
  • However, Trump was not satisfied with this and announced retaliation against India.
  • finally India says it will ship hydroxychloroquine to the U.S.

Indian Hydroxychloroquine drug

  • In India, the drug is only given to the medical workers who are working closer to covid19 patients.
  • ICMR did not give any official announcement that the drug is a potential vaccine for covid19.
  • The Ingredients required to manufacture the drug is imported to India from China. So, the apex country (USA) is in need of both India and China.
  • After Trump’s harsh comments on retaliation on India, the Ministry of External Affairs said that they have already ordered the pharmaceutical companies to manufacture hydroxychloroquine in large amounts and will also export them not only to the USA but also to 30 other countries.
  • This is a golden opportunity for India to support the world and maintain a very good bilateral relationship among all the nations.
  • Already WHO lauded India’s fight against coronavirus and this export of drugs will become an added advantage for India.
  • However, the burden is to be faced by pharmaceutical companies to overcome the workload to meet the huge demand of the drug.



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