Apart from the damage that coronavirus did to India, it has taught the Indians and the Indian government a very great lesson. It taught us lifestyle, business, social welfare and India’s capacity in medical and pharma fields. Indian culture and tradition are now being lauded in many countries irrespective of language, religion for example “NAMASTE”. Now, we will discuss each aspect in which India can transform itself.

Health Sector:

The first and foremost thing that Indians came to know is, apart from defense, we should focus on the Health sector. Not only in India, in developed countries like the USA, but they also have a very limited medical infrastructure. The ventilator scarcity in the USA tells us about their situation. Even in India, where there is a 131 crore population, it is high time for the governments to focus on developing medical infrastructure.  For example, consider the government has set up medical IT parks to manufacture equipment like ventilators, N95 masks that would give employment to the jobless and during this crisis time we can also export them to other countries and develop the economy.

Social Welfare:

We will be always in thought that the government scheme implementation is not up to the mark. But, just within a span of 1 week the state and central governments disbursed 1.70 lakh crore welfare schemes to all the beneficiaries that too in this crisis period. This means they are committed to working for people but need some motivation which coronavirus gave them now.


Yesterday, the Indian stock market has seen a 30-year pharma high point. India under the relationship of PM Narendra Modi made a great deal by entering the Indian pharma companies to enter into the US market. As 30 countries in the world were in need of Hydroxychloroquine medicine and India is the major producer in the pharma sector, the world is now relying on India. This is a great boost for the Indian economy during this crisis. The Indian government should focus on the development of the pharma sector and enter into the International business. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, Indians came to know about their strength of doing business. This is lesson 3.

Social Distancing:

This lesson is taught by coronavirus to the people of India. Many of us who did not have the habit of cleaning our legs or hands after coming from outside are now cleaning them with soap. Almost half of the Indian population were unaware of ‘Sanitisers’ but now many are preparing and using them in their homes. People are focusing on personal hygiene which is much needed to eradicate viruses like these in the future. Medical shops, Grocery stores everywhere we can see people maintaining ‘Q’ system and social distancing.


Pollution is the major thing that is affecting the life of the urban population. Industries, fertilizers, pollution from cars, bike reduced a lot and that is the reason why we are now inhaling fresh air, the air quality index in most polluted cities like Delhi is now doing better. The animal life is retrieving, Natural vegetation is doing good. This is also a sign of development. With these outcomes, the Government should focus on imposing lockdown weekly once atleast. 

So, from the above analysis, we can understand that every country has some pros and cons and its high time for India and the Indian government to work on our positives that can help in developing the people and the economy.

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-Krishna (Editor in Chief, FrontlinesMedia)



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