Coronavirus: Recovery Story of Coronavirus Patient

Recovery Story of Coronavirus Patient

The gradual increase in the positive cases and deaths of coronavirus in India is creating havoc among the Indians. But, one news is so soothing that the recovered patients are nearing around 100. Here in this article, we want to put the success recovery story of a corona patient from Delhi and his name is Dutta. He is a businessman in Delhi and traveled to Italy for a business meeting in mid-February. He shared his recovery story in his own words giving a ray of hope to many of the fellow Indians who got infected to corona.

“Hii, my self Dutta. I am a businessman who manufactures footwear. On a business trip, I have traveled to Italy in mid-February. When I returned back, I did not have any symptoms but was always in a fear of corona watching the cases in Italy. Slowly I started suffering from cold, cough and throat pain symptoms. I went to a private hospital for testing myself and the hospital staff suggested me to visit Government Hospital. Probably that is the first time ever I have visited a government hospital

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On March 2nd, I got my reports and the outcome was positive. Immediately, a group of medical staff from the government hospital came to my house and took me to the hospital. In the meantime, the news of my positive reports became viral and my family was already getting some hatred messages. The doctors have put me in the Isolation ward in the government hospital. I was really surprised to see the facilities in a government hospital. The medical staff provided me quality and tasty food. The UNION Health Minister talked to me through a video call. On day 2 of my Isolation, I was given my mobile phone and was allowed to talk to my family.

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I was really disturbed reading the messages on my phone as many were abusing me as if I wanted to be got infected by Coronavirus. By the first week, I came to know that the other three persons who traveled with me to Italy were also got infected. Sorry for them! As I did not have pneumonia before, the doctors said that I am recovering well. I lead a normal life in the hospital. I was allowed to do yoga, use my phone and everything. Doctors have timely updated my health condition to the government. By the second week, cold and cough totally vanished and the body reached the usual temperature. Doctors made some primary examinations by the end of the second week and finally concluded that I am out of danger”.

On March 14th, I was discharged from the hospital and asked to stay home quarantined for 14 more days. But, till now the behavior of my neighbors and wellwishers is not as usual. I would like to urge people that no one wants to get infected by a deadly virus intentionally. Coronavirus is not HIV. So, stand for them and let them lead a happy life after getting out of the disease.



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