There has been floating of donations to the PM-CARES fund from the day it was started. This has been started to help the nation during the corona crisis. PM-CARES defines Prime Minister’s citizen assistance in an emergency situation. This is a trust formed with Prime Minister as the Chairman. Home Minister, Finance Minister and the Defense Ministers are named as the trust members. From the day of its creation, there has been a doubt for many of them. Why PM-CARES when we already have PMNRF(Prime Minister National Relief Fund)? So, in this article, we are going to clear that doubt.

During the cyclones, floods we usually see people donating to the PMNRF. But, the donations are not to that extent. And moreover, when there is a crisis in Orissa, only people of Orissa and nearby donate money to the PNRF. But, the Coronavirus is a situation of National Emergency where every individual is suffering, and coming from the rich to the utmost poor are ready to donate as much as they can to help the nation in this crisis time.

This cannot happen through PMNRF because the minimum donation in PMNRF is 100/-. People below the poverty line who want to help the country may not get the opportunity. Whereas, the minimum donation for a PM-CARES fund is 10/- where every individual can afford. This is the reason for the huge donations. It is said that during the 2nd week of the creation of the PM-CARES, the trust received 6,500 crores as donations.

Another important factor for the creation of PM-CARES is, to use the money of the PMNRF, the bill has to get passed in the parliament. So, a legislative burden is taken off because of PM-CARES. As PMNRF, PM-CARES also has a 100% tax deduction. The only concern the opposition parties raise about the auditing.

For PMNRF, the auditing is done by VAG. But, for PM-CARES, CAG does not have the power to audit the fund that is donated by individuals and private companies. After a huge rise in the demand for auditing the donations by the opposition. PM Modi lead government announced that after the crisis, the government will allow a private auditor to audit the donations received by the PM-CARES. The government also clarified that they will allow the auditor who is even suggested by the opposition parties. So, clearing the air, the government gave all the clarifications regarding the P,-CARES fund.


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