Coronavirus (Covid19) Crisis: Railway Coaches to Be Converted into Isolation Wards

covid 19 isolation train coach indian railways

As per the orders of Indian Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi Ji, the Railway department started choosing the availability of coaches that can be turned into Isolation Wards. The railway stated in a recent interview that, they are now looking for a way to convert the coaches into isolation wards and for that, we need to remove the side partitions which consist of 2 seats.

Alongside each bed, they will be installing an automatic sanitizer and a ventilator facility is to be provided. So, they are now finding ways to provide more power sockets. The two toilets on each side of the coach will be left like that and the other will be converted into the bathroom. Along with the two washbasins in each coach, they will provide sanitizer and tissues. Thus converting the entire coach into a hospital setup.

train coach isolation

The power supply in railway coaches is generally less in voltage. But, to run a hospital-like setup, more power is required. So, the railway is working along with the electricity department to provide power with the required voltage. The AC coaches which are already well equipped will now be converted into ICUs. 

Senior-most personnel of the railways said that the official announcement from the Ministry of Railways will come on this Saturday. 


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