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The coronavirus and lockdown situations in India has severely impacted the business. Especially, the most hit is the automobile sector, food business, private taxi, cab, and maxi owners. Many might have known that. the food business is the one which has huge profits if we provide quality service. But, this will not be the same after post-lockdown. The food business is actually collapsing. Practically thinking, many of us have learned to make pain puri, delicious north, south Indian dishes. Then why would we choose hotels when we have healthier and quality food available in our home. The same implies for the transport services. Many of us wont prefer to go by crowded busses, auto rikshaws. Mostly we choose our own transport which is safer.

Now, coming to the point, I would suggest you some business investments which many boost up post-corona times. The first business is the Pharma sector which is already raising up day by day. One can choose to be a retailer or run a medical agency. One main business wing that found to be boosting in recent days is the delivery business. You can create an app, tie up pharma companies, and deliver medicines to the household. Thus can become an entrepreneur in that sector.

india as a superpower in medicine

The other business is delivering essentials. Grocery needs to household the same thing as Bigbasket. As Bigbasket is a vast company it needs to look after its employees, deliveries, etc. But, when you are looking to open the same in a local area you need to publicize in your locality. Even 60-100 regular customers can boost your business easily with the coming days.

If you are a techie and have knowledge of website designing, people in this corona time are looking to get their business online. So, they are in need of web developers. Print some exciting banners like a web site for 1000/-, fetch customers because those who do business never ignore to pay 1000/- for a website. Make them your clients developing their business online will help you and your client as well. The same implies to the app developers.

Recently we heard about the news that Amazon is stepping into alcohol delivery. So, why not implement it in your own locality. Firms like Amazon which is an MNC will have many trade restrictions. But, as the Indian government is aiding the MSMEs, you can choose it as a business. You need to approach the e-commerce fraternity, complete all required legal documentation, and hit the market.

As for as I see among the business community. I came to know that the dairy business is among the one which never fails to grow. So, looking into options like those are also good post-corona investments.

-KRISHNA(Frontlines Media)


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