Over the year, bald head have been a very disturbing moment in every individual life. Due to the change in climate, environment, food we eat, youngsters are facing many issues of loosing hair and becoming bald before their 30’s. But, this is not the situation now. Science has improved a lot and there is treatment for almost everything. Doctors have come up with a solution to bald head that is “Hair Transplantation”.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss about the most happening and painless hair plantation treatment. procedure and other details.

The hair plantation procedure that the doctors are following now is  follicular unit extraction (FUE). This is most simple and widely accepted procedure in these days.


Before the day of surgery, the doctor asks the patient to come to the clinic on empty stomach as they will be given anaesthesia. Before the surgery the surgeon shaves off a strip where hair condition is better. Mostly everyone have good and healthy hair in the back of their head. After shaving off…the doctor extracts each small minute hair follicle from the back area and places them aside. He extracts them with a plucker. After that he inserts those follicle where the patients requires the hair practically on the bald area.

This simple procedure takes around 3-4 hours and the patient can leave the hospital within 3-4 hours after the surgery. Once the surgery is done, the patient may feel a bit of pain for the next 2 days. It would be better he stays home for coming 7-8 days so that, the area of surgery doesn’t get exposed to any dirty surroundings.

7 Days after Surgery:

The hair follicle inserted in the bald area slowly gets bounded by the surrounding skin on the head and becomes strong. After visiting the doctor, and if the patients follicles gets used to the environment, patient can get back to his work.

After 15days, the planted hair will fall off (don’t get panic at this moment) and the hair starts growing usually. Hair slowly grows thick and dense in the bald area. 2 months after surgery, no one can find difference. Hair that is shaved off in the back part also grows as usual.


Cost of the procedure may vary from Surgeon to Surgeon. But, approximately each follicle extraction and insertion may cost around 1 to 2 lakhs based on the area of plantation.

So don’t worry, hair fall is quiet common in these days. Make a proper investigation and approach a good doctor. Stay strong and boost your confidence.


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