Abroad Studies: Is it a good Idea at this moment


The novel Coronavirus had created a great pause in the life and careers of many youngsters. Many might have been getting ready to write exams like GRE, TOEFL, IELTS to conquer your Dollar Dreams!! But, is this the right time to plan for it. This is what goes on in the mind of the aspirants. Here, in this article, we will be discussing them. I am not going to write this as an article editor but a person staying abroad and witnessing all he situations from there.

The UN Global Economy forum warned of the economic recession in the world. It estimated that there is already a shrink of 1% in the world. When the USA faced a recession in 2007, 20008 and 2009 it faced a shrink of around 1.3%, 1.6%, and 1.7% respectively. Of course, this does not affect the students who want to study there. But, it creates a troublesome environment after their studies due to the lack of jobs. Many companies in the USA already started giving pink slips to their employees. According to the current federal rules, H-1B visa holders leave the US along with their family members within 60 days of losing their job.

According to the estimation, around 47 million people could lose their jobs because of this situation. The gradual growth of positive Corona cases is boosting this situation. When the USA faced an economic downfall in 2009 it took 4 years for them to retain their economy. he Coronavirus havoc may survive globally for 2 to 3 months. This is enough for the economy to face downfall. Under regulations, H-1B workers have a 60-day grace period of unemployment time during each authorized validity period to stay in the USA legally. They must find new work within 60 days; otherwise, they have to leave the country. The H1B visa holders in the USA are requesting the federal government to extend this time limit to 180 days and it requires 100000 petitions for the government to respond.

Generally, Indian students plan abroad education mostly in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and other European countries. Due to the Corona outbreak, all the countries in the world are planning to ban international arrivals for 6 months. The Australia government has already started proceedings regarding this. It would be a bad idea for anyone to plan studies in European countries at this point in time. Finally, I would like to conclude by suggesting that, it would be better to stay in India for one or two years and gain some working experience. This experience will help you in finding a job after your studies abroad. It will be an adding asset for the career if you have some valuable work experience with you.

-Sankalp, MS(USA),FrontlinesMedia




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