Gandhi is known as the Father of the Nation. He is one of those persons who are
responsible for getting independence in India. But, still, there are people who hate him. Some may have different reasons to hate him and few hate him inspired by seeing the haters of Gandhi.

I hope it’s unclear. Let me tell you. When I was a kid of 10yr, my brother used to hate Gandhi. He told me that Gandhi had bad habits, he is the one reason for the delay of freedom to India. But, I am now matured enough to read history and understand. Now let me tell you the reasons why many are hating Gandhi.

  • The first reason I see is, India is a land of different cultures and religions with HINDUS as the majorities and rest as the minorities. Nathuram Godse, the one who killed Gandhi was an anti-Muslim extremist. He will be treated as a hero for someone who is against minorities.
  • The other reason is congress, where Gandhi was directly or indirectly a part of it never fought against the Britishers. They always had a friendly relationship with Britishers. According to Gandhi supporters, this was the reason why we got independence because Gandhi instead of using the weapons dealt the issue softly.


But according to a hater, Gandhi and Congress were bribed with power and so, they were supportive of the British empire.

  • Haters believe that Gandhi was the main reason for exploiting the political careers of Sardar Valla Bhai Patel and Netaji Subash Chandra Bose for his friend and family personnel Jawaharlal Nehru.
  • The other reason for Gandhi being hated by people is Gandhi refused to support the demand of killing  General O Dyer, the reason for killing innocent Indians in Jallianwala Bhag.
  • One of the main and foremost reasons haters say about Gandhi is, Gandhi was in a position to stop the hanging of Bhagat Singh, but he did not do it as he wants to be the sole hero of the Independence movement in India.
  • Many people in today’s Punjab are victims of INDIA – PAKISTAN partition. People of India were against partition as their families would be separated because of that. NEHRU & JINNAH accepted for the partition. But, Gandhi was one person who can stop them but did not do it.



The confrontation between Ambedkar and Gandhi was a historic one. It had its beginnings in the Round Table Conference of 1930-32, Ambedkar had gone earliest, as the prime representative of Dalits, or Untouchables. But when Gandhi finally decided to attend the second conference, he argued fervently that he represented the Untouchables, because they were an integral part of the Hindu fold – which he represented. To Ambedkar, Untouchables were not a part of Hindus but “a part apart” (a phrase he had once applied to himself), a uniquely oppressed people. They could accept, even welcome, the coming of independence and its inevitable domination by Congress (ie by caste Hindus), but they needed “safeguards.”

These are the main reasons haters say about Gandhi. But, behind that Gandhi was surely a great freedom fighter and a human being.

If there was no Gandhi, India would have got the Independence but it would cost the blood of many people. Gandhi who studied law captured the loopholes of the British constitution and demanded Independent India in a legal way.

As there is a saying that, Good things take a long time, it took a bit longer to achieve Independence as we choose the non-violence movement. Many have reasons to hate him at the same time many love him. But as the youngsters, we should learn the good things and leave the bad things in Gandhi’s life.