Saturday, July 20, 2024

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We frequently listen to these two words. The reason is the ongoing riots in India. Unfortunately today, section 144 has been imposed in Vijayawada. Let us know what is section 144 of CrPC (Criminal procedure code). Many of us think that CURFEW & SECTION 144 are the same. But, it is actually far different. Let me explain to you in a simple way.


  • If there are any riots, stone peltings, loot or any violent procedures going on, then the district magistrate has the right to impose section 144 in that area.
  • When section 144 is imposed in an area, people should gather in assemblies. Assembly is not but a group. Not more than 2 or 3 people should gather together or protest.
  • If they do so, the police have all the rights to arrest them by filing an FIR that “Engaging in a riot” for which a person can be jailed for 3 years.
  • Also, it is mentioned that obstructing police from breaking up an unlawful assembly is a punishable offense. This section also empowers the authorities to block internet access.
  • This is just to avoid further consequences of violence in that area but if the violence reaches its peak stage then, police will impose curfew in that area.

Now let me explain about CURFEW


  • Curfew is implemented in an area because of the worst riots or situations that have already caused in that area. No one will have access to walk on the road except the police.
  • Everyone in that area are house arrested for a period of time until the situation comes under police control.
  • It restricts any outdoor activity without the prior approval of the police. Establishments such as markets, schools, colleges, etc. are ordered to remain shut, and only essential services are allowed to run.
  • Curfew is also an order issued by the District Magistrate. There is a complete restriction on traffic at this time. It will not be wrong to say that a curfew is an extended form of Section 144.
  • The time element for the curfew is important. However, the authorities can also extend the curfew if needed.
  • Now just remember that both SECTION 144 and CURFEW were implemented in Jammu Kashmir after the Article 370 issue.
  • Everyone was house arrested and people could not get access to the internet and all other daily needs. Just imagine a situation of you without daily needs and the internet. It’s going to be hell at home.