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The devastating news came up from Vishakapatnam in Andhra Pradesh state regarding leakage of a pipe in a chemical factory called LG Polymers which has been closed from the past 40 days and left idle without any maintenance. According to the reports we have now a harmful gas called Styrene got leaked in the early hours of May 7th between 2 AM to 3 AM. LG Polymers is situated in the Venkatapuram area in Vishakapatnam.

As soon as the gas leakage started in the early mornings, slowly it got to spread over 6kms area. As people were in deep sleep it many people inhaled it and many felt unconscious in sleep. Reports stated that animals started shouting as soon as they started smelling pungent odor. People immediately started running in the streets to save their lives. Some of them faced difficulty in breathing and so, lost their lives. NDRF and SDRF deployed immediately. The Navy involved in the rescue operation and shifted many people to the safest places but still, the death toll raised to 8 where a small kid also killed because of inhaling harmful chemicals. 30 people are reportedly on ventilators. 5000 people got isolated.

The affected people have been shifted to nearby KGH hospital which is already treating COVID19 patients. According to reports now the situation is under control. People have been evacuated from the Venkatapuram village. RTC busses arranged for people to take them to nearby places Simhachalam and Pendurthi. A case has been filed on the LG Polymers company.

CM Jagan Mohan Reddy to visit the place at 12 PM. Prime Minister Narendra Modi enquired about the situation. The government of India Chemical Industry department issued some guidelines for the people to self-aid when in an emergency.

  • If inhaled move to fresh air.
  • If not breathing give artificial respiration.
  • If breathing is difficult, move to the hospital and provide ventilator support.
  • Immediately flush water on eyes and skin for at least 15 minutes.
  • Remove contaminated clothes and immediately move to the hospital with NDRF support.

Styrene is a harmful gas that may further cause long-term diseases which may damage the lungs, cause respiratory problems, nerves related problems. Private hospitals, NDRF doctors, SDRF, Navy doctors got deployed said the collector.

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