World War 3 speculations are reaching new heights day by day. The news has been trending in twitter ahead of USA’s Airstrike in Iraq’s Baghdad airport which killed Iranian leader’s second in command, QAESEM SOLEIMANI.

The US President Donald Trump himself announced that Qaesam was killed by them in their Army Air Strike. Later, Iran’s leader Ayatollah promised that they will take bad revenge on the USA. Taking forward the fire, Donald Trump tweeted that “Iran never won a war”.

This distribution of talks among each other is creating speculation worldwide that the stage for WORLD WAR 3 has been set.


Qaesam was Iran’s most recognizable battlefield commander. He entered politics and became even more powerful. He got huge popularity as he stood against the USA and represented a figure of national resilience.

For the USA & ISRAEL, he was a shadowy figure in command. He was backing the Syrian fighters and was responsible for the deaths of American troops in Iraq.

He became the target for the USA as President trump want to take revenge against his attacks on Americans at the US embassy in Iraq.

The speculations of World War 3 took up high ends as people began comparing the recent situations with the past world wars causes. In June 1914, Archduke Franz.

The heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire was shot dead by a teenage activist in Bosnia. Following the shooting, the countries scrambled to take sides and it started off a chain of events which led to WorldWar 1.

The other reason for the speculation is, the US called all its citizens in Iraq and Iran to come back to the USA as soon as possible. This raised doubt whether the US wants to attack Iran and wanted its citizens to return safely home before that.

But if at all the World War takes place, the already drowned world economy would even more become worse. This would affect the quickly growing global powers like India.

Gold prices will reach an all-time high. The petrol price jumps up. Rupee value will fall down. These are the effects India has to face because of these tensions.