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Top 10 movies in Telugu that teach us the true essence of life

Aa Naluguru :

Rajendra Prasad Garu acted in the lead role. It is a family drama which is a conflict between people who give value to money and the hero who loves humanity than money.
A must watch.

Mee Shreyobhilashi :

It’s again a movie with Rajendra Prasad Garu in the lead role. This movie has content that everyone needs to watch. The story is about a group of people who have different lives and different problems that they are facing in their lives and want to commit suicide. But at the final step of committing suicide Rajendra Prasad’s trick makes them realize that their life was more precious than their problems.

Vedam :

Story of 3 Individuals and their lives with Manoj, Allu Arjun, Anushka in the lead role. The life they lead, the problems they face and the climax is an eye-opening for those who watch the film.

SwayamKrushi :

This movie with Chiranjeevi Garu in the lead role is a father-son sentiment movie. Where hero looks after a boy as his own son and when he grew up he realizes that he has his own father who is a criminal and ignores Chiranjeevi as he doesn’t like his strick parenting. A just watch movie.

Gamyam :

A multicarrier with Allari Naresh and Sharwanand in the lead role. A content that proves that we are not alone in this world and everyone will show us love and it depends on the way we look at them.

Rudra Veena :

A Chiranjeevi’s Social drama, which focuses on “Untouchability” and “Drinking” in a village. Chiranjeevi the son of a Brahmin was not allowed to move with the untouchable people by his father but the lead will have an attitude of the social reformer which will change the face of the village.

Na Autograph :

The movie which will take back to your childhood days whenever you watch. Every scene will make you remember your friends, school, teachers and especially your school days crush.

Onamalu :

Again its a movie with Rajendra Prasad Garu in the lead role. Rajendra Prasad narrates his story to Raghu Babu a cab driver on the way to his village. But when he reaches his village he will be devastated by the change in the village and people’s values. So will finally let his grandson, son and entire village know that human relations, traditions are important than urbanization and modernization.

Yevade Subramanyam :

Starring Vijay Devara Konda and Nani is a movie that everyone should watch. Vijay loves to explore places and lead life as he wants to lead away from burdens and show-offs. whereas Nani, who feels that money and his job are what makes him a successful man and realizes that he was not correct after the death of Vijay and after visiting “Doodh Kashi” Last but not least…

C/o.Kancharapalem :

A village near Vizag, the story of a man and his life in different stages. It wills surely
makes your eyes wet.. The movie’s aim is to show that humanity and human relations are the ones that help a man to lead his life as an optimist.