Ajit Doval, well known as INDIAN JAMES BOND. He is now a retired IPS officer working as National Security Advisor in the Modi lead Indian Government.

  • He was born in Uttarakhand in 1945.
  • He was the youngest police officer in India to be awarded the Kriti Chakra award.
  • Born in a Brahmins family, Ajit Doval studied in Military schools. He married Anu Doval and has two sons Vivek Doval and Shourya Doval.
  • Vivek Doval is a Charted Financial Analyst and Shourya Doval is an Indian Diplomat.

He was the main mastermind behind the recent surgical strike and Balakot airstrike. He stood and played a decisive role to tackle insurgency in the Northeast. Doval began his police career in 1968 as an IPS officer.

His other and important achievements in career

  • Doval stayed in Pakistan’s Lahore as an Indian spy. He stayed there in a Rikshaw Wala Avtar.
  • After coming back as a secret agent he worked in Pakistan’s Islamabad as Indian High Commission officer.
  • Doval played a key role in gathering the Intelligence for “OPERATION BLUESTAR” to settle the Khalistan issue.
  • Doval convinced the Kashmiri militant groups and settled the way for Jammu Kashmir elections in 1996.
  • In 2014, Doval ensured the release of 46 Indian Nurses who were trapped in a hospital in Tikrit, Iran.
  • He went to Iraq as a spy to know the top secrets in the higher position of the Iraq government in 2014 to counter-terrorism.
  • On 2014, July 5th Doval got all the Indian Nurses trapped in Iran safely to India.
  • Doval headed successful military operations in Myanmar.
  • In 2019, Doval was again reappointed as NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR for five more years in Narendra Modi lead Indian Government.
  • He has terminated 15 Hajackings of Indian Airlines Aircraft from 1971-1999.
  • In Punjab during his job of Operation Black Thunder, he was inside the Golden Temple as a spy to collect critical information about the attack.
  • Even in 2019, after the abrogation of Article 370, Doval was the first person to travel to the Jammu Kashmir and got the situation under his control.
  • Even PM Narendra Modi calls him for every cabinet meet along with the ministers. Such is his need for the Indian Government.

He is such an inspirational man who always put his life under risk to ensure security for Indians. His life is a lesson to all the upcoming police officers. India will always be safe under this intelligence mastermind.