Conjoined twins is not something unknown. We have many of such cases before. We have one of them in our Telugu states as well. “VEENA – VANI”. As shown in the picture below, Veena and Vani are conjoined twins but in their case only their heads are conjoined. Both of them have their individual bodies, hands, legs, heart etc., But, here is a different case. 

Now we are going to know about the story of Abby and Brittany. They have two heads and a single body. This is actually very rear instant. This even happened in the past but, the kids who were born with conjoined heads died with hours after coming from mother’s womb. But, Abby and Britt are healthy and even working as teachers in USA.

Veena Vani have two brains and each pair of all other body parts. But, Abby and Britt have single pair of hands but, they have 2 pair of heads. They attended their drivers license exam in their teenage. Abby brain works on the speed and accelerator and Britt brain works on steering. Just imagine if you are driving like that and you control steering others are controlling the breaks and accelerator. It is even difficult to imagine. But, the both twins managed to get their driving license.


This is how the body structure of the conjoined twins:

  • 2 heads,
  • 2 legs and arms,
  • 2 backbones,
  • 3 lungs,
  • 2 hearts,
  • 1 liver,
  • 2 stomachs,
  • 3 kidneys

According to science, out of 30 million conjoined twins, only one body survived. Each twin can only control her side of the body and they can’t sense the touch of the other sister. For example, Abby doesn’t feel it when someone shakes Brittany’s hand and vice versa. Many medical institutions approached parents of Abby and Britt to separate them and conduct medical testing. But, their parents didn’t accepted for it because they treated Abby and Britt as gifted children.

-FrontlinesMedia (Krishna)


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