Many people are questioning the protests of Amaravati farmers ..!

Like, what is their problem if govt is willing to give their lands back instead of plots and they are insulting our farmers by calling them real estate brokers as we don’t want farms back and asking for plots?

“So the truth is we never said that, if govt can give our lands back the same way in intact as they are in 2015 before we gave to capital we will be very happy and peaceful to be out of this political drama and go back to farming.”

protests Amaravati farmers

But right now in 33,000 acres plots are developed with cement marking stones on four corners of each plot and roads been built with stones and thar digging from 8 feet depth. So now even we use hight range tractors for farming we can’t go that deep and cultivate plants. Moreover, for whatever constructions happened till now for each tower they dig 30 to 40 deep for foundation and took out all that mud and poured on our lands in 5-6 feet height as mud hills, so how can we do farming upon 6 feet height loose soil?? Going further the landmarks to our lands where a farmer can identify his own land like gattulu, trees, lakes, ponds all are disturbed and there is no trace that I can identify this is farm is mine.

So I am challenging this govt to remove all those concrete, stones, roads, and cement marking on our lands and construct our gattulu for individual farmers, take out that 6feet height of mud hills to your so-called new capital and leave our farmers in peace out of this drama.

Guys this is not easy for us, we gave lands and property which we inherited from our forefathers for many generations and lands which we considered as our God, I still remember that until that every year when my father is going to start cultivation he used to take me to farm used to do pooja and start the first plough by me. this is very sentimental and part of our life, but still we choose to leave all this for growth and good fortune for us, for future generations and as well as the state.

Some of us even had graves of our forefathers built on their own lands as memorial and respect but with very much heavy hearts they approved for their demolitions and now after all these sacrifices being made by us calling our Amaravati farmers as real estate people is really hard to digest.

protests of Amaravati farmers

I hope all of you have some humanity and kind heart to hear our cries and come forward to support us.

Lastly, I am challenging again to all these PPL blinded by politics that before calling us Amaravati farmers as real estate goons take the challenge and give our lands back in intact as they are in the year 2015.

is anyone ready to answer?


  1. We don’t support..
    Ala aythe make Kurnool As Capital cheyandi.
    According to the Sri Bagh pact….

    Asalu 5years nundi development ye ledhu

    Amaravati Capital anaru
    2015 lo ipati varaku kanisam Roads kuda veyaledhu

    Srisailam Ghat Road aythe Mari Dharunam

    Em patinchukunaru development asalu


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