This is an article on the recent words of the Indian Army regarding the RTI questionnaire that WHY ARE WOMEN NOT GIVEN COMMANDER POST IN ARMY. One of the Army personnel responded that Women cannot be given a commander position in the army and this came to the Supreme court demanding an explanation from the Army.

The Supreme Court asked the Army officers for the reason restricting women in commander position.

The court also mentioned a few concerns on the army’s answer that the Indian Army personnel will be leading days together in bunkers looking after the borders where they need do not have enough facilities for toilets and sufficient food.

This is absolutely acceptable because women officers when had to work in bunkers they might face some severe issues, especially during the menstruation cycle. Toilets cannot be built in the bunkers and for convenience, only lady officers should be appointed with another lady.

The court also mentioned the masculine issue, where when a male officer staying in a forest can withstand the situation of rain, wildlife, wild animals but a women officer has very fewer chances of withstanding on these situations.

Actually, the number of lady officers in the army has increased rapidly these days. It was not the situation before till September 2019, the permanent commission for women used to allow women to work only in Army medical and lawyer fields but now they are allowed into armed forces. But, the concern here is about the commander status to Women in the Army.

So, finally, the Supreme Court said that it is the Army that has to take the decision because the supreme court can only give the order but the implementation is in the hands of the army.

There may be many problems that women have to face if they are given a commander position but, the army officers should sit together and brainstorm the situation and derive an output. It also said that we can’t restrict women from doing any job as it is 21st century and women has all the rights equal to men.


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