While the entire world is in concern of the Coronavirus crisis, Donald Trump the President of America is concern with the mining project. And the mining is not on earth. It’s on the moon. President Trump on Monday signed an executive order offering the US mining industries to do mining on the moon to explore the availability of water and essential minerals that can be brought back to the earth. President Trump is very keen on proving America’s power even in the space. He wants America to be the first country to explore mining in the space. Apart from water and minerals, Trump’s main concern is towards finding oil reserved on the moon.

Several countries took international resolutions on the space about 50 years ago. But, in this executive order, Trump’s government did not consider all these and they even didn’t even acknowledge the authority of other countries on space. The President of Russia, Putin was the first person who raised his objection over the USA’s“Moon Mining Mission”.  Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state has 180 days to consult the NASA team and interested mining companies and then report back to the President.

Artemis, a mission headed by NASA to send and make a home for human beings by 2024. The NASA scientists have already discovered that there is a plenty of water-ice on the lunar space and this could support the human habitat. They aimed not only at the moon but also aimed to find the human habitat in all the other planets apart from Moon. Russian space agency Roscosmos denounced the USA’s moon mining mission by stating that “It is nothing but Policy of Colonialism”

Like the USA, Russia is also planning to enter outer space. Roscosmos plans to establish long term bases on the moon over the next two decades while President Putin already vowed Mission Mars very soon.



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