Saturday, July 20, 2024

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We know how pivotal the role the internet plays in our life. The present Kerala government is stepping towards providing universal internet access to its people.

The cabinet of Kerala government accepted for the KERALA-WIDE OPTIC NETWORK PROJECT which aims at providing free internet access to over 2 million Below Poverty Lines (BPL) families and charges affordable rates for other families by December 2020. The optic network project also connects all Government offices, Educational institutions.

Kerala is the only state in India which recognized INTERNET ACCESS is the BASIC HUMAN RIGHT. A State which already tops in Human Development Indices (HDI) is ready for digital evolution.

At present, there are 45 crore Internet users in India but internet penetration is higher in urban areas as compared to rural areas. Delhi tops the list with a penetration of 69% while Kerala stands 2nd in India with 59%.

Kerala can be a healthy example for central and state governments in the fields of technology intervention by the state.